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Eirnin you clumsy fool! >:O
Ohgod can we pleeease see an affair between these two?

:'D I mean, I know Eirnin's young here, but ... I can totally see it happening.
Oooh I like how the red tint turned out. :B
I don't know where people are getting the "Sybil is a killer too" idea ... I'm honestly thinking she was more likely the victim of an abusive relationship, hence the trust issues.
I like his expression in the last panel. He looks less like a killer and more ...vulnerable and human. xD It's cute.
My first thought was that spirmodilum must taste a bit like spearmint. x'D
I see your Sir Guy picture. :'D
She has a cool room. xD
:oo Nice job on the perspective in the last panel
Yeah, it's from the goblet of fire. Voldemort said it right before he killed Cedric. Or... had wormtail kill cedric. xD
"Kill the spare!"
...I don't know why the last panel made me think of that. xD
:DDD Eyeball trees. <3
The end. o_o
Love at first sight?!

xD Just kidding. Her hair here reminds me of a hedgehog. <3
I haven't been on sj in so long, I forgot about my avatar. x'D /random
I hope Eirnin had a good reason to kill that guy. >:O I also hope I spelled his named right. xD
For some reason, I want to read Harry Potter now. o.o
xD I love the "time passing" panel.