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Himitsu (Me)
I like online commics (DUHviously), Shounen ai, a combination of those. I dabble in a bit of art...I like reading, writing, hiking, swimming, shopping, listening to music...blah blah blah
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O_O w-where is Mr. Anderson's angry lines!?!?!? I don't really know what to think...He's not the same guy! Also, as an aside...Trish's friend is mighty sexy. We see more of him yes?
Mask! Silly silly boy! You're on a fast track to lying in quarantine! Still like it, though...props!
I love the face of the running girl. Your facial features are amazing.
Wait? People were saying this is like Naruto? Do they even WATCH/READ Naruto? The only thing I see that is similar is the demon part and there are many animes with demons... In this wonderful Manga there are no ninjas, there is magic (naruto has ninjitsu but not magic), the main character isn't annoyingly "friendship! Care for one another! don't give up! BELIEVE IT!", there isn't an emo boy and a sugar sweet girl in a "team" with our hero (if there was I'm sure Ren would have killed them both by now) a matter of fact...the demon is INSIDE Naruto...he isn't THE DEMON....

Comparing is just silly.

I don't even think they are remotely alike...
Great art on this page. I like.
Mmmmm...If he keeps acting so charming he's deffinetely going to get the little one...

I'm getting wooed just by watching...
Well? What is it Martin? I wanna see toooooo!
I love the new page just came out of the lurkers' closet...*points to the dark secluded area behind her with the mysterious eyes of the other lurkers gazing from beyond the closet door*
I decided to um...comment....finally....

I feel a little exposed....

*backs away slowly* So...yeah....
Watch for fanart from meeeee! *Flees*