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@Hana: @Hana: second "Guest" here. I didn't know that song but after looking it up I hope there's a reference to the song included somewhere. xD

@Nobody (Guest): now we only need a character representing written words (newspapers?) and we're all set. Maybe 0chromat's character Magnus? And of course, the wackiest cousin of them all, the Internet - with her head full of memes, kitten videos and other silly or creepy stuff.
@Guest: It's a good way for Hero to develop her reasoning skills and her creativity and independence too. ^^ Children who get all the answers all the time become adults with sheep mentality, who don't know how to think for themselves. It's a tactic many child psychologists use.
Who's the third in the Rubens clan then?
@disastermaster: who was Artemis again?
@Zelda: nah, I think it's more that H0ly likes mixing characters from her stories. She mentioned before that Laika was from another story not related to Mokepon or Rumplestilskin, if I remember correctly (not completely sure about that).
@Sign Seeker7: and terrorizing young witch apprentices flashing their knickers.
Change is a slow process that doesn't happen at the same rate or in the same way for everyone. Sometimes there are times when we regress into old ways of behaving/thinking. But for something to change for real, one has to have the will to do so in the first place... not that the King seems very interested in that beyond lip service.
@PercussionFish: maybe he'll be as manipulative and suave as his dad when he's older?
September 14th, 2015
She's smiling? I thought she was disgusted or planning his demise because of DT's name.

The first pannel is impressive! Also, Arsonraptor sounds like a way cooler name. Maybe it was Charizards who set everything on fire and made other dinosaurs go extinct? =D
"You can change heads, or tails".

Yeah but if you're a coin, what then?
I can picture Rumple stalking in invisible mode and laughing his ass off at her last line.
"If there's but one safe place in all the world, that's where you go".

And if that place stops being safe, all the people gathered there are basically sitting ducks waiting to be hunted. :/
"It wasn't going to be trouble, it just worked out that way when I was caught".

Foreshadowing? That phrase could be applied to Chris too...
@Andrea: I was thinking more of a punk hair crest xD
@Subaru: He's also a tad manipulative like Crowned Bastard. At this point, he could go both ways.
@SOABS: He's still young. Give him time.
@RiskyR: that sounds so wrong o.O
@Doc Glitch: same here. Tried rebooting (second read) and it went a bit better, but still.
@IvyDoodle: your avatar makes your comment even more hilarious! xDD
@cheezNH: Thanks, I'll read it there!