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She's not Riza.
Calling it now.
They're cats. I doubt "out" is in their dictionary.
If I'm lucky: I don't know
If I'm not: Riza/Moragi will be OP and win with an OP "one-time" move which will be considered the finisher for battles.

If I'm crazy: Arturro will combine with Daemon and the two couples will take part in a beautiful dance symbolic of fire and ice, the wolf and dragon envisioning the other in the most beautiful pieces of clothing the other designed, Arturo's symbolic of ice, and Moragi's symbolic of fire.
I was going to suggest smashing them, but that was taken... by someone with a name similar to my name as well!!!

So my replacement theory: They both started out as kinda swirly thingies, right? So why not re-swirl them, stick them together, and then have them both collapse while in eachother's way?
Oh no...
no no no no no...
I was fine until you said not to think too hard about it. Now my brain is TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!

Oh, and the part where I shipped Moragi and Arturro was my favorite. Because W.A.R.S and Flowers. Still wish I could draw a knife in his mouth though. He would have looked... Ooooooh Myyyyyyyyy.

If you know what I mean.
In retrospect, it's pathetic that THAT is a highlight of my internet existence. :(
An AND! Look's like the crazy head has a rep! STREET CRED!!! :D
You didn't even try to argue with my theory. Either I'm right, or you've learned that I'm not only stubborn, but will make up complete nonsense to support my theories, so I shouldn't be listened to in the first place, except for amusement.

I wonder which one it is...
@ZZ Digital, I thought it was 'on the hunt, I'm after you"
Sorry @Hazumirein, but that face is CLEARLY the face of someone doing something messed up. Headcannon until PROVEN otherwise: Moragi started it.
A kiss.
@aotu The cookie one seems more reasonable. I mean seriously, how would you feel if someone ate the last chocolate chip cookie?
Oh yeah. Lila is pretty close here. Riza and Dae are both traped inside their own bodies as the two are being threatened by and threatening eachother against their wills. Repeat of the note: Riza and Dae are partially transparent. THE KIDS ARE DYING RIGHT NOW! ARTTURRO AND MORAGI NEED TO PULL OUT LIKE NOW! THE KIDS CAN'T LAST THAT LONG WITHOUT THEIR BODIES!!!
Even look at where they are!They are loosing grip on their bodies way too fast!
One last comment before the new page:
Have Riza and Dae ever seen eachother in the clothes pictured in the faded version of themselves? Why would @Hazumirein draw them in clothes that they couldn't recognize each other in? Is Dae from Earth too?
My interpretation: both Dae and Arturro have been watching this whole time and are not happy with the concept of killing eachother. Because of this, Moragi has bcome more aware of Dae hiding in Arturro and Arturro is more aware of Riza hiding in Moragi. What we don't realize is that now that Arturro has been out a bit, he's tired and calmed down a bit, and won't have the guts to kill Moragi. Similarly, when Moragi realizes that Dae is dependent on the body Arturro is in, Dae will become more than a prison and Moragi won't be able to kill him either.

Either that, or this is the last (or leading up to the last) page in which we will see either or one of them because one is dying, slowly faiding off into the background since the start of this fight (which is why Dae looks more washed out). Riza will probably be the one to survive, being the protagonist, but will mourn Dae for days, causing her to try to rebond with her earth friend she felt was a jerk earlier.
Either way, we will see one or both of them on their knees wailing in one of the pages to come.
Okay, but who gets all this stuff if someone DOES win?
@NaginiFay - define it in your bet! Seriously, I can't get any cookies or internets unless someone bets against me!!!
@ZZ Digital: so now we need to know: why didn't he? he could potentially have caused Moragi a problem, giving him the upper hand, but he didn't.
@Hazumirein, HELP! You've graduated high-school right? Going into your second official senior year correct?

I'm feeling the Senioritis come on, and it's hitting hard! I think it's doing more damage to me than any of my friends. HELP!

(Useful) advice, strategies, tips, site-blockers, game-restricting programs, anti-procrastination measures, motivation, and anything else you have up your sleeve would be greatly appreciated by myself and probably everyone else in my class!
So when Arturro steals the dreamstone, does Moragi get control of the body indefinitely, or does she follow the stone? Or can she hide somewhere in Riza until the stone is returned?
@Hazumirein, but she's not the one in control of the body right now. I thought that meant she was IN the dreamstone!