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Totally overwhelmed by the comic-maker vocation, not equally gifted with talent, I've had to work hard to achieve some respectable dexterity. I've been working in several informal (means not paid) comics since 2001. Tired of not finding any possibility to work professionaly in comics in Mexico, I have dicided to try my luck on line.

Currently I survive working as a freelancer ilustrator and graphic designer, and teaching art at the university.
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    Miguel Zicovich
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@Captain Ghost: Many thankies, Captain.
In which Morgana is just pasing by.
En el cuál Morgana sólo está de paso.
In which Karasu has grown past that.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers here in SJ. (Especially to @Captain Ghost, who is a really cool girl and posts comments that bust my morale)

Thanks again for reading. That's what makes the work worthwhile.
En el cuál Karasu ha madurado.


Por cierto, quisiera aprovechar para desearles un feliz año a todos aquellos lectores en español que parece que tengo aquí en SJ. ¡Espero que les vaya muy bien y que superen su problema de autismo en el 2018!
In which Morgana has an epiphany.
En el cuál Morgana tiene una epifanía.
Which is a prelude to a revelation.
El cuál es preludio de una revelación.
In which Morgana finally takes Karasu seriously.
En el cuál Morgana finalmente toma en serio a Karasu
In which Karasu loses his sh*t.
And I'm so sorry this took me so long. I'm not in a hiatus, I'm just... poorly adminstering my time.
Also, just corrected the typo looses/loses
En el cuál Karasu pierde los estribos.
In which Karasu forgets what he was doing.
En el cuál a Karasu se le olvida lo que estaba haciendo.
In which some pirates choose to not be loud.
En el cuál unos piratas deciden no ser escandalosos.
@Captain Ghost: Hey, Captain, I do remember you! You liked the ten thousand arm twists technique! You're a cool person, Cap (can I call you Cap, like Steve Rogers? No? Ok).
In which Karasu throws a human shuriken.
Wait a minute... Are there really people reading this???? Like... this "returning readers" thing? People that actually keep comming here to follow the story? Or is it just the stats lying to me?
September 25th, 2017
En el cuál Karasu lanza una shuriken humana.