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Totally overwhelmed by the comic-maker vocation, not equally gifted with talent, I've had to work hard to achieve some respectable dexterity. I've been working in several informal (means not paid) comics since 2001. Tired of not finding any possibility to work professionaly in comics in Mexico, I have dicided to try my luck on line.

Currently I survive working as a freelancer ilustrator and graphic designer, and teaching art at the university.
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    Miguel Zicovich
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In which Karasu forgets what he was doing.
En el cuál a Karasu se le olvida lo que estaba haciendo.
In which some pirates choose to not be loud.
En el cuál unos piratas deciden no ser escandalosos.
@Captain Ghost: Hey, Captain, I do remember you! You liked the ten thousand arm twists technique! You're a cool person, Cap (can I call you Cap, like Steve Rogers? No? Ok).
In which Karasu throws a human shuriken.
Wait a minute... Are there really people reading this???? Like... this "returning readers" thing? People that actually keep comming here to follow the story? Or is it just the stats lying to me?
September 25th, 2017
En el cuál Karasu lanza una shuriken humana.
In which Mamadou is not impressed.
En el cuál Mamadou no está impresionado.
¡Bueno, parece que realmente hay alguien leyendo este comic en este sitio! Bien bien. Estarán felices de saber que la versión original en español finalmente alcanzó la versión en inglés. De ahora en adelante se actualizará una página por semana (o lo que alcance a hacer). ¡Saludos y feliz año!
Oh, my... each time less readers! lol
Sorry for the delay. A lot of work and very little health.
@Captain Ghost: Morgana didn't saw what was happening with her arm, but that's the way she felt it.
News: Hiatus
Dear Readers,

One day, when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I decided I wanted to do comics. Since then, sometimes...
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It appears that finally there will be a ninja and a pirate fighting each other in this comic.


Guys, seriously, share this comic.

And drop some comments.
News: Mess with the RSS feed.
Well, I just woke one morning with an inexplicable desire of knowing how many people was subscribed...
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And those two, where do they pop up from?

You can share this comic and be cool. And don't forget to comment.
@DorkyOptimist: Yeah, that's the sound of a nose growing! They usually grow so slowly that the sound is not audible to human ears .
So, ye're a super expert ninja and ye didn't see that coming?

Oh by the way , I could use more fans to the comic, so if you like, share.

Also, feel free to comment.
Sorry for the delay, guys.