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I remember saying to someone "wtf Rain has 2 eyes? o.O", and I guess tbh that could be some of the criticism with that. She's still adorably Rain and that's what I still see it as.

A Ky shirt would be awesome. :3
My guess
I'm guessing that Heather could be a post op who has regretted transition. Would make sense that she could be trying to get Ky to stop crossdressing.
@Asuyuia: "Also, fun fact: For the first time in the comic, every character on this page is naked in every panel! Scandalous! XD"

It's probs naughty naughty.
@Asuyuia: They're naked tho. >~>
Alright, who thinks that we are going to see some JocelynXRain fancomics at Center-con. >_>

I think last time I went to a -con, there wasn't much doujinshi. I think there was only one Ace Attorney doujinshi book (featuring the most commonly shipped pairing) and that was about it. >w<
I've read that fancomic too and it was so great and adorable. I blame you for making me look at it again. >w<
@jazgemo213: pls. Obviously, it's gonna be Father Quenton that Jessica is talking about. :p
@X12: That's actually something that could very well happen, especially because it'd be interesting to see how Rain deals with what happened.
I feel like this is foreshadowing something bad happening to Rain. Kellen or Marcus can easily stir some trouble up for Rain. o:

This is a nice chapter! You did a wonderful job with it! :)