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Just someone who watches anime and play games, and also draw comics.
Here is where I upload my pokemon fancomic and one-shots.

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In the game, you can cause Unowns to spawn by solving a puzzle. :3
Now for a little side-tracking.
Well, at least she got a badge. >8D
@yoyo kirby: Post-game content. XD
@Guest: Thanks a bunch! 8DD
Welp, time to start over!
Glad you guys like the page. >8DD
Behold! Post-game Pokemon! >8DD

(Also, sorry for the late page. 8D;;;;)
@WiispNightmare: Hahah, but then you'll miss out on the experience. XD;
@WiispNightmare: Ahahahah! XDD
A little late, but here's the next page! What pokemon will Falkner unleash upon Mene and Donuts?!
@EmilyAnnCoons: Thanks for the compliments! 8D (And sorry for my late reply 8D;;)
@lumihone: Heheheh, yes! >8D
Now we see Falkner... who looks kinda hot, actually. 8D;
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Here's a picture of 11-year old Mene playing in the snow with her mother watching her (and her dad and Uncle Ross at the back chatting).

Hope you have a good time with family and friends!
That's the last we'll see of Sprout Tower (I think). Next is the gym!!!
Sorry for the slight delay in making this page. owo;; We're finally getting out of Sprout Tower, lol!