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Wow, that's a beautiful page. Thank you!
Can't get enough of this comic. And I seriously could stare at Mic for hours, he is so beautiful
Wow. I mean I KNEW that I liked your art style, but it never hit me like it did with this page. That's some amazing work there! Just wow!
@Karakedi: AND it's done in a super fun way lol
Yeah this was actually quite helpful. Thank you!
i'm so sorry! Take all the time you need.
January 18th, 2017
Hi dear author!
First of all thanks for doing such an amazing job with this comic, it's been a real fun ride until now ;)
Secondly I don't know if you noticed, but since smackjeeves has changed its layout, your comic appears in the front as one that has "new" pages; but if you click on it to read them, the site only shows the older pages at the end of the comic (like the various portraits etc) and not the newer pages of the actual story. To get here I had to go through the archive since I suspected something like this was happening (it kept indicating that you had uploaded something, but the pages were always the sames...)
So maybe you can do something about it! :)
Hi Anne - does your repost mean that you have a new kickstarter going? the link brings me to a 2014 site.
Would love to buy the book. :)
October 5th, 2015
ok... i feel like something really bad is going to happen to that kid
hahaha nice. I like your updates even if they come every five months. :) missed those two!
May 19th, 2015 I think I recognize that hammock :P that's Dake and Tommy's makeout hammock
May 9th, 2015
I agree, it's quite capturing. No idea where this is headed
Love the idea of a BTOM-page... and I would be really interested in translating your comic for you (in german or italian or both) - behind the obsidian mirror actually is one of my favorite comics and I would really enjoy spending some time to look closely at it for a translation.

Unrelated but can I ask you what your other comics are? I don't think I know them.
Yuhuu so happy that you're back! :D I re-read the whole comic lol. And I'm glad I did, I think I understand the story, world and characters a great deal better now... :) can't wait to read more.
April 8th, 2015
Hi! Just wanted to say that I loved the pages so far! I think you get the pacing of the story right. That's not so easy and a lot of good comics miss it. Bit you're taking your time to develop characters and storylines and you're not afraid of panels without action - that, and your very refreshing spontaneous but beautiful artstyle - I love it! So please keep doing it, you got a talent there! :))))
March 17th, 2015
BTW found your comic because of the link on Ushala at World's End :) (also an awesome one)
March 17th, 2015
yepp. Happy to have discovered this. Absolutely love the art and story-telling, and am already completely hooked... will probably dream of mystery pipelines at the bottom of a futuristic, algae-infested ocean-waste lol :D keep it going, this rocks!
Lol. Love this comic. Keep it up, you're awesome! :)
ups. Gonna miss the tyrannosaurus-cow-thing.
February 4th, 2015
You know, I really love your style. It's beautiful and very artsy. Is it watercolor? :)