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Secret Santa:
If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas because you can't stand bl (or nsfw stuff. Perfectly understandable), you can always draw one of my characters that I made for rp groups on Deviant Art. (My website link is my deviantart page) (I'd prefer one of my Republic City characters, Saya ( or Kou (

Just so you know...

Comics that aren't collabs:

-Amor Vincit Omnia
-What About Love?

Projects outside of Smackjeeves:

- Sacred Sand (
a bl visual novel (so, kind of a choose your own adventure novel with pictures)
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@Remawolf: Haha! There's no silencing one's shipper heart! This I know! XD And yes! I love zoos too! (As long as they take good care of their animals, of course)
@YukixKaname1: Well, we're about to find out. Mwahahaha!

@Remawolf: Indeed. You have perfectly encapsulated that feeling. XD
So, Hisoka is basically inviting everyone to his outing with his parents. :P
@YukixKaname1: He's the cutest! XD

@Remawolf: Haha! Easier said than done! Shipping and patience doesn't usually go hand in hand in my experience. ;)
@Remawolf: I know, I know. It wasn't long enough. :P Well, I'm sure they'll get more alone time in the future. And I'm glad someone understands! Haha! That is the magic of letting the story unfold as you go.
Happy holidays, everyone!

@Remawolf: They are undeniably adorable. I honestly did not intend for them to have so much chemistry when I first started, but things happen when you're only planning so far ahead. :P
@YukixKaname1: Yup. That mischievous ocean. :D

@Remawolf: Oh my. Haha.

@EZOrbit: Anime logic? Haha. I mean, I'm sure it can happen in real life too, but it'd probably take a drastic set of circumstances. ;P
@YukixKamane1: He lost his swimming trunks. Sorry I left you in suspense so long. :P

@Remawolf: I actually like Ichiro x Takao best too. :P No promises on how it will all turn out in the end, but anything could happen. ;)
@Gazpachoxd: Me too! Nami is awesome! (I'm so glad she's finally getting a little screen time)

@R.O.-bot: Just a little bit. Nothing too drastic, but it should lead to some fun stuff next chapter. ;)
@LuffyHotCrazy93: Yup. Takao does that a lot unintentionally. :P He just doesn't really get that others might actually find him attractive.
Transitions... I should probably do them.
I looked at the date and suddenly it was the end of the month. :O So yeah... These pages are super rushed. Sorry about that. I did do them though so there's that. :P

@Gazpachoxd: Me too! Ichiro is so smug all the time it's fun to see him off his game! XD
@Hokova: True enough. It is definitely an unhealthy relationship and one I'd recommend people get out of immediately in real life. Story wise though, it gives me a lot to work with. ;)

@fujo/funda: Haha! I enjoy getting your play by plays! Did you reread it? (Since I know you've commented before) I guess you would have the time to do so since I'm so slow at updates. :/ (I wish I could just poof comic pages into existence. I'd use a genie wish on something like that)
@shadowknight19100: I know. I'm terrible. (I really need to get better at replying to messages.)

@Riaya: Aw! You're so sweet! Thank you for being so understanding! ^_^
I'm counting the cover as a page today. Sorry about that, folks. I just got super busy here at the end of the month and didn't have the motivation to pump out another regular page.
@YukixKaname1: Haha! I know, right? Sassy characters are the best. Rin is awesome! XD And who knows? It's terrible, right? Characters are always going and ignoring healthy relationships. (Probably because there's more of a story this way. Heh. That doesn't excuse the people who choose poorly in real life though. ;P)

@shadowknight19100: I'm going to message you as soon as I post these pages. Sorry for the delay.

@Kevin_Redcrow: Oh geez! Drunk Rin would be crazy! It's hard enough to handle him sober. Haha!

@fujo/funda: Mwhahaha! Yeeees! That was the desired reaction to that scene!
@YukixKaname1: Yup, yup. I know everyone being in love with him is a mary sue/gary stu trait, but it's Takao. :P I do think he's the type of person who would accidentally draw a bunch of people to him and not notice in the slightest. I also just like the idea of a good guy getting the attention he deserves. (What's with all these heroines liking jerks? :P)
Pot, meet kettle. (Rin is the clingy-est of all) :P
@YukixKaname1: Haha. You're right about that. Takao's too good for his own good. :P I'm glad it's not hard to see why someone would fall for him. XD (And I imagine most people can relate to the stage fright thing. I'm jealous of whoever can't.)

@Remawolf: Right?

@R.O.-bot: Hang in there, heart! :O

@Scarlet Spider: Haha. I guess Takao is doing something seriously right then. XD
Apologies for the small text in speech bubbles. I always underestimate (or overestimate) how much room I'll need. :P

@Gazpachoxd: Me too. I felt so bad leaving Rin and Nami in the background for so long. It's about time they got a chance to become actual characters. :P

@shikichika: Haha! Good, good. XD

@R.O.-bot: Very true! XD