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Good luck but none will ever top DARK STAR
@MasterComic: thx i thought it was weird when they didn't speak
>dress like pelvis resley for the epic disco powers for 2 days and remember to finish your webcomic on smackjeeves btw i mean cliff and swiftly grab the cup of olea
>try to explain to your teammates that you have like 80 different voices in your head who force you to do things while making bacon pie to please the bacon and pie gods while dancing to please the disco gods
I was going to post something really philosophical and enlightening but I thought "The wouldn't believe me!" so instead I told ya so
Is pix talking about that pixl that trapped the queen edit: that luci girl or whatevs
You could have someone help with the exe adaption
I guess he knows how to keister
@Gamermaster: so when he has the "aussie" and the "unusual" is his power level aver or above 9,000
I don't understand the last box could someone explain to me
@Dark Star: true, true now I'm of to change my prof pic kay what do you think it should be?
why not all
@Dark Star: just tell me
oh and do me a favor please go to carnation and quote bane
you guys are disrespectful! Now say your sorry and stopping mean/good wharves you kids call it these days btw Dark Star would you like me to call you by your
formal title
@Gamermaster: well NEW FAV CHARACTER: CARNATION and please you can al call me J.Milton
Not What I Meant and Not Even Batman or Darth Vader or Darth Batman?
@Dark Star: I was going to say "It's simple I have found a loophole GM said you may only hurt someone who needs to be hurt but to be a true villain you need to hurt people and since you are a villain you have to hurt people to keep your role true and since he said you could not hurt him you could just trap people in that pocket dimension. Hah you that i would say we kill the batman huh" but now I'm going to say that you shouldn't do it and i will not give you any tips on how to kill L's empire in more convenient ways
Yo Dark Star
I have the perfect way to control the comic
It's over 9,000! Aaaaaaaahhh
on the second to last box is bird s'posed to be speaking?
Lets put a smile on that face