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I like cartoon
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December 17th, 2016
i'm starting to get the impression that the next page is going to be colored in, because didn't you say you liked the idea of coloring in special pages or something like that. or what i can only assume to be the animated series version is coming out. there is also the possibility that life is simply getting in the way again.
wow when you started to do rough drafts i felt like the pages would feel different, but you sir seemed to to prove me wrong (especially with this page)
September 21st, 2016
I think I said this before, but I don't care if the pages are done in rough draft form. I personally hope they will be colored in and finished on a later date. who knows maybe in a year from now this one will be finished. (That's me just hoping)
i personally don't care how long it takes for the next page. Simply because of the high quality level to these pages. I believe that it's better to take your time and produce something that look's amazing. Rather then rush the project and have it come out looking crappy.
please don't hate me jer
i finally got around to making a profile (like anyone really cares) jer i hope you don't mind but i made my profile pic have the same dance as your's, because it's the only dance i know how to do in real life.(basically i traced over the arms of your pic and flipped the image) if you do mind i will change the pic to something else.