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I'd like to think I'm awesome at art, but I've still got a little way to go.

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Fruits and Vegetables. Amazing I haven't died yet!
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Alt text:
Mia is about as threatening as a honey soaked waffle.

After a short time away, I did in fact manage to post another page of VHV! It got a little close, but I managed it!

In other news, my computer is still not functioning like I would wish, but Manga Studio doesn't make it work that hard. I would have liked it if nothing needed to be replaced, but hey, the part that does need replacing is under warranty, so I won't have to pay for another one!

Sort of related, I had restored my system in the hope that it would bring my computer up to snuff. That went well for the most part, but I lost the custom font I use for VHV, and can't make a new one because the website I used no longer exists. For now and indefinitely, I'm using a different one that does the job. I think it looks pretty nice, especially with the current way I'm doing speech bubbles.

Alt text:
Those traveling in warp-circumventing methods are advized that they
can't drink the purple liquid that may result. It is highly magical, posibly
lethal, and certain to cause irritation and coughing.

Also, you can't drink it. People have tried. It doesn't seem to like it and
runs away.

After much deliberation, this is how we're going about the next scene:
light on explanation and a bit more heavy on character interaction and
general action.

But you can't stop me from introducing more furries! MWA HA HA HA!

Alt text:
Blood is thicker than water,
but love is thicker than blood.

This page is a bit low-effort today, and that's because
I had some errands this week and was otherwise not very able
to motivate myself.
My dog didn't like her vet visit. Nothing major happened, but she
didn't like it.

However, not all is lost! I've done some extensive re-writing
(nothing you will ever see) and figured out how to make the story flow
a little better.

Next week comes the good stuff. :)

Alt text:
What's the deal? This kangaroo never gets this close to me...

Mia only really has a magnetic cuddle-force because I like her so much.
That doesn't seem fair. The other furries I draw should get a turn with the lil' rumbahs.

Alt text:
I don't think a simple hug can fix this.
...It's time for advanced embracing.
Remember your training, Mia.

As far as personal thoughts for this comic go, I don't have many. It really just seems to do the job.

I have noticed that my super cartoony effects seem to change style whenever I make them. My sound-effects are all looking the same lately.

Alt text:
When Sam refers to a newborn, he's not referring to a baby rumbah fresh from the
womb, but rather fresh out of the pouch for the first time.
They take some time to develop inside the pouch like a marsupial, but instead feed
off the fats in their tails to grow. From there, they're very silken, very cute and very

I was going to make a backlog so posting every week on Saturday would be a thing that actually
happened, but that didn't actually happen.

What actually happened was I happened to actually get confused by the plot of a webcomic I
was following for a while and actually happened to need to browse its archives.

At least I got it posted.

Alt Text:
It's hard to grit your teeth when you only have twelve of them.

I'm trying something new this time around and uploading these things every Saturday instead of whenever I make them. It feels nicer to put them on a schedule. So here you are! A new page at what I think is a better time.

For you mobile users, The alt text:
Everyone, Salute!

Peace! :3
For mobile users, here's the Alt text:
This is the most dramatic office space reveal in the history of comicking.

Peace! :3
Alt text:
She's no wise ancient.
A wise ancient wouldn't use
"Shazbot" for any reason.

I thought it was not possible any more, but my brothers and I have
found a game that all three of us think is fun and can play together!
That might be why this comic didn't come last week...

Alt text:
Tee hee hee! She said "fart"!

Today, I helped my mom set up the Christmas tree in our house! It's very tall, and very shiny.
I can't even tell if the ornaments are in the wrong place!

That's good, right?

Alt text:
Mia's tail is at the current size of "insane".
Do not touch, grab or hug- You will be enveloped, and as a result,
quite warm.

Escape is possible, but not probable. It's owner will make
things difficult as your plight will be very, very cute to her.

"Let's save the world" doesn't sound that accurate right now, but that's because it's a traditional saying among adventurers rather than anything meant to be accurate. Often used to rally the rest of the team to their mission in the same way as "Have fun storming the castle" is, but more benevolent than the latter, as storming a castle means killing people and breaking things, whereas saving the world only sometimes means that.

@MeekJanus: Thanks man. It's good to know I can spark interest in people. :)
@Neolancer: That's the joke. :D

But really, it was more my wrist that was the problem than my hand, and holding a controller has proven far less straining.
This is part 3 of a 3-page update!If you missed the first page, please click here and thank you for reading!

Alt text:
"Hugs 101" is a real class held by a real professor in the world of VHV.
It's actually called "Embis psychology: Understanding, integrating and
embracing the culture of affection", but it is a real class, and besides,
this professor likes the affectionate shorthand.

I just about killed my hand working on these pages, and I do say it was quite worth it! There's a lot more detail and consistency in the panels, but it wasn't hurt at all by being super cute to draw.

I'm going to go rest my hand now and maybe do something less painful to it. Like play video games.

This is part 2 of a 3-page update.

Alt text:
Your embis friends know, and you can
bet they're here to hug I mean help you.

Now I think you are starting to understand the quirk
embis have as a species. And it's adorable. :D

This is part 1 of a 3-page update.

Alt text:
Not feeling at home...?

I hate going to bed sad and worried.
I think everyone has at one point.
At least it's not frequent for most people.

Alt text:
And glass tomatoes. They don't even look like plants, and especially not
like tomatoes. Maybe some weird stress toy, but actually squeezing one
would get your hands all goopy with sweet juices.

Interesting author fact:
Seeing as I like a heavy set of bed sheets, with up to five layers in the coldest months,
naturally I draw all the beds poofy and thick with sheets (or just thick blankets, as is this case).
Author appeal doesn't have to be above PG! You're welcome.

In lieu of my typical "See y'all soon" (something of which I kind of stole from another webcomic artist),
I figured I'd put something a touch more bold (and maybe pretentious) at the bottom from now on.

"Soli Deo Gloria."

Thanks for reading!

Plenty of time for that later. Now, they should focus on getting rest.
Alt text:
Mother, you're crumpling my ears... No I'm not crying!

This page has a lot of sad in it, but I really like that bottom left panel. Mia and her kids came out just right, I think.

See y'all soon!