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I'd like to think I'm awesome at art, but I've still got a little way to go.

-Cute things
-Video Games

Fruits and Vegetables. Amazing I haven't died yet!
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Waist not
Want not.

...I'll see myself out.

What scene isn't made better with Foxmom and Leo?
Well, I can't think of any.

Leo is very tolerant of other's silliness.. Especially since he conducts such silliness with others.

SDG, everyone.
Any gang of rumbah killers would find a much more effective method in kicking their victims with their digging claws...

But the grandma probably exists somewhere!
Hug transfer is probably a real magic somewhere in the world of VHV,
but I don't think it's very common...

It should be.

What can I say? This is one of those transitional pages, so I don't really have a lot to say.
Uhhhh... Eat your greens?
Well I can't say that because I don't really eat my greens...

You'll notice a little cartoon roo in the 3rd panel on a poster.
That critter is Zoey, a tree kangaroo and the brainchild of Lemurfeature on Twitter!
He does some lovely 3D stuff there and almost all of it is very cute! I even drew some art for him, if you're interested.

SDG, everyone.
By themselves without activation or a good method of extracting contained thaumic energy, magical artifacts, even if they glow or produce heat, don't do much of that by themselves.
Not that people haven't been that clever before! Especially in small colonies like Beta-4, creative solutions are devised all the time for modern conveniences (And given it is perfectly legal for one to run a gas-powered generator to power their house, thaumic power sources would be too).

Butter is being realistic here. Honestly, her discovery of the usefulness of The Torus was coincidental (or at least, in the eyes of mortals it was), and artifacts older than the 7th eon of creation, that eon in which she lives, have no current texts containing sufficient documentation to allow for any simple identification of artifacts- No translatable language has survived passage into another eon, much less any user manuals. Doing their own research is not enough, isolated as they are. Searching The Tomeatorium for information is an option, but with a library the size of a planet and an organization system for books that roughly equals "remember where you put it", you're probably going to get distracted by that one book series you really liked as a kid before ever finding what you're looking for.

Now artifact study is not often something people pay you for the privilege of doing. Sure, The Torus would definitely be of scholarly interest- Especially when one knows what it does- but most artifacts contain significant risk to figuring out, what with the necessary procedures possibly breaking the artifact (or some portion of an unfortunate scholar), so the services of a willing artifactologist would require half the commission upfront.

That wouldn't be a problem for Butter and her gang if there were such people available on Beta-4. As it stands, not even the Red Magus of
this planet have the experience- and the faeries of The Tomeatorium wouldn't see the benefit of understanding an artifact if they could just cast the spell they happen to need at the time.

Thank you for the comment! It's quite thoughtful and I love a good reason to invent some lore. :)
Show your Leos some love and they will show it to you!

Be sure to face adversity with a smile, optimism and sensibility!
Butter's spirits are sure to soar when Leo does it for her, so why don't you do it
for someone else in your life?

That bed looks cozy tho, doesn't it?

SDG, everyone.

Butter is a girl. It's a pretty weird shortening for Buttercup, but she is definitely a she.

Leo takes himself very seriously, but few others do anything of the sort until it's too late. Leo's angry moments are quite a
surprise to just about everyone. Not that that's even very relevant to this unsurprisingly cuddly comic.

Now I'd like to give credit where it's due: I've used a couple characters that aren't mine for some of Butter's stuffed
animals, so I'd be remiss to not bring them up. I debated keeping it secret anyway, but it's not exactly subtle in that top-right
panel over there.

One of them I've drawn before.She's a sweet cat tribeswoman who also is a bit of a brawler, and is currently under the care of
DreagonArchives, who you should definitely check out because she's one of my friends online and her stuff is cute.

The other is Daisy. Her heart is in the right place, but just a stroll through town with her can cause many accidents and/or
comical injuries, regardless how enjoyable your time with her is. Thankfully, her plush form is very safe to be around.
She's the brainchild of FalloutFox, who can also be found on Twitter, if that's your thing. He's another online friend of mine
who is improving pretty fast at this point and may be my friendly rival in the art department. That's good though! It keeps me
nice and sharp even if I'm not sure he sees things the same way.

SDG, everyone.
Woah! Watch out for those ethereal cows!
Moove! Moove away from them!

No, obviously she didn't sleep for 3 months. Duh.

Now I know how invested you all were in the robot in the last page... Which is why I cut to Butter suddenly and am making you
wait! MWA HA HA HA!! But seriously, I need to have some tension in my comic, otherwise it'd get boring with everything
coming up Milhouse.
Boy, that was a very dated reference that I really shouldn't be allowed to use. I'm too young!

SDG, everyone.
Poor space-dad... I hope his robot will be okay.
Then he can take her back into the weird little ship some day
and they can have some father-daughter time.

Welcome to chapter 4 of VHV!
This is part of a 5-page update! If you missed anything, you can return to the first of the 5 pages here.

The idea of a console displaying digital text opening up this arc has been an idea I've had probably since getting 3/4ths of the
way through the second chapter of VHV, but regardless of how clever I think I am with this update, I will ultimately defer to
you, the readers, when it comes to judging the quality of my comic.
Most of the script for this is particularly old, though, so I didn't have the same rush I usually get from writing new content. I
figure I would best keep to writing as I go for the most part just to secure my own interest... But I do like the final results.

SDG, everyone. Here's to a proper new year and a new chapter!
I'd say he's a helicopter dad, but he's actually pretty distant...
And in a space ship.

Welcome to chapter 4 of VHV!
This is part of a 5-page update! More thoughts to be had on the 5th page.

If you missed anything, you can return to the first of the 5 pages here.
What kind of database are these loonies running anyway?!

Welcome to chapter 4 of VHV!
This is part of a 5-page update! More thoughts to be had on the 5th page.

If you missed anything, you can return to the first of the 5 pages here.
Poor Rory is the long-suffering intern, I'm certain.
He's also paid. Don't worry.

Welcome to chapter 4 of VHV!
This is part of a 5-page update! More thoughts to be had on the 5th page.

If you missed anything, you can return to the first of the 5 pages here.
Darn colleges.

Welcome to chapter 4 of VHV!
This is part of a 5-page update! More thoughts to be had on the 5th page.
Oh, look! Twins! And they're cooing over the other twins!
This is too much, I'm sorry!

Well I was almost late, but I'm sure in your country you would call that on time.
Ardo is sleepy now. Obviously he just woke up and made his way back out (at least, partially) of Butter's pouch, but with half of
him still in there, he's still getting half his thaumic energy sucked away.
It's a comfy sort of haze, though. Just don't ask him any complex questions.
...And keep petting him. That's good.

SDG, everyone.
Merry Christmas!
I would certainly hope any revelation just after a lick on the face is a good one.

Yep! I uploaded today instead of Saturday!
Getting this thing done this week was always a plan, but I had gotten so close last week that I decided
to give you all a Christmas present and post this today.

As for the art itself, I feel... Pretty good about it. Again, I tend to improve in slow baby steps, but I feel like
I'm getting a touch more realistic with the characters I'm drawing...
It's kind of cool how much things can improve from so little.

SDG, everyone.
And remember the reason for the season! ;)
The difference can be most easily seen in the first panel here, if you compare Mia and Sam.
He's half her size (though to be fair, she's pretty tall), has bigger feet and longer claws.
Some other anatomical differences are present, but mostly I'm not good enough at drawing to distinguish the two species.
December 12th, 2018
NEVER ask an embis to wake you up unless you're prepared for a tongue.

You know, for respecting someone, Butter sure seems really invasive with her paws.
Just saying.

This is not abnormal embis behavior! If the alt-text did not clue you in, embis, being animal imitators, will often imitate animal
forms of affection in addition to more human behaviors. Nuzzles, licks, face and tail rubs and, of course, cuddling, are all a part
of their arsenal of cuddling.

I don't have much else to say. Enjoy your advent, and remember how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came down to earth
to save us all!

SDG, everyone.
Mother Jess is being a little coy here.
Of course, when you know just how aggressively people sometimes
attack your religion, you would to.
...I'm also being a little coy.

Like that middle panel? I really like how it turned out, at least.
Somehow, I managed to get this whole thing drawn in a single day, but I do hope I will
be avoiding such a panic in the future.

Let's see... For species representation in the center panel, we've got from right to left an Embis (black fox),
Two rumbahs (twin girls), another embis (Mother Eledei!), and something new... Who and what is that?

SDG, everyone.
Probably an alien earwig (or piece of dirt) stuck in there or something...
But this is what happens when fighters try to multi-class into healing.
Please stick to your class unless you can get proper training.

(Class systems do not exist in VHV, BTW.)

This one took a little longer than I was comfortable with, but that's only because Thanksgiving week had a lot of vacation to it.
I spent one day extra on the page, all told.

SDG, everyone.
Hopefully, any future travel to and from The Tomeatorium
will involve LESS, if not NO cranial trauma!
Poor, poor floofs!

I cut it pretty close again with this one, but I'm not unhappy about it.
Really, this is about typical as far as VHV pages go. Sometimes it's a flop, sometimes it's beautiful, mostly it looks like this.

I had a lot of fun with the more cartoony effects in this page, though!

SDG, everyone.