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I'd like to think I'm awesome at art, but I've still got a little way to go.

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Alt text:
Who's this?
(Cue suspenseful yet optimistic string music)

This was a close one!
I had worked on an official reference for VHV's main cast, so that ate up a lot of time for my comic,
but I'm otherwise okay because the final result looks pretty good. Some new techniques I'm using are
really paying off.
Hopefully, VHV can start being more boldly colored again with this little appearance of (???).
Take care! I'll see you all next week!

alt text:
Restore Day involves a controlled burn of books that are far too worn to salvage.
After this, copies are reprinted and slotted on the shelves in their place.
This is not restore day.
This is an uncontrolled fire in an enclosed space.
This is not good.

Tried some cool tricks for anatomy with this one. I attempted to sketch out a select portion of the characters bone structure
beneath the actual line art, and the results are certainly looking better than my previous work.
It's also quite slow.
That may be the reason why the backgrounds are nothing to write home about.

@Wolvenreader: That's a bit hard to be certain of.

Considering the whole thing kicked off because of a miscommunication, punishment may not be necessary if she feels bad enough already for it.
Alt text:
Petting one's embis friends is an activity best done when
one is not feeling like they should be doing more for their
rescue party.
She's already spent 20 minutes doing it anyway. Any more
would be ridiculous.

As completely expected, work kicked my butt this week, but only because I had reversed all the conditioning that allowed me to stand up for almost 12 hours straight on concrete, as is required for a production floor like the one I work at. My everything was sore for the first couple days of the weekend, but now I'm feeling quite a bit better.
But enough about me, let's talk about the comic a bit!

Story wise, I'll have you know that this arc was already going to be much more dramatic than I ended up making it, with a full fighting scene (or like, four) and even crazier magic than what you're seeing. I've simply downgraded to giant lasers setting things on fire in a closed environment. Not much of a step down, but there you have it.
Here also another fact of embis is revealed: While this would quite obviously be Mother Jess' bed, embis as a whole are quite willing to share with people they like. The reasoning behind this is that in an embis household, the "master bed" in the master bedroom is more the family bed, meaning its presence in the house is implicit invitation to family and guests alike to sleep in a little cuddle-pile. Not inconsiderate though, an embis is also willing to offer their spare beds or couches or whatnot if the invitation is not accepted.

Alt text:
#Nature tip#
Don't get caught outside in a
lightning-laser storm.
Don't get caught inside in a
lightning-laser storm.
Heck, don't incur the wrath of
a lightning-laser storm

Hey! First time on this Saturdays schedule that I'm posting on a true work day!
Today marks the start of my third time around my one and only temporary position because I have not been actively looking
for a more permanent one. Hopefully, with the allotted 4 day weekend, I can easily manage a comic a week, but I suspect if my
workplace takes too much out of me, that may be a little too much to ask.
On to comic chat!

It's weirdly relaxing to be able to draw such chaotic scenes in my comic now that I've gone through so much exposition. Some
of it feels like I'm finally writing the interactions between these characters I've spent such a long time developing, both in the
comic itself and in my personal notes, and being able to write something so organic without an immediate need to consider
the potential confusion of my audience feels good.
Of course, I'm hoping from this denouement of the current arc, I can start a healthy cycle of stuff happening, then world
building, and keep on going. VHV is, after all, not showing any signs of stopping barring authorial tragedy, such as loss of life
or limb.

Though, if I did lose my right arm, I would definitely wish to take up piracy like my aunt.
Alt text:
<=To Be Continued=|\|/

Here's this week's page, with my apologies for the missed week.
My Grandfather went to be with The Lord on April 14th, and I had to be out of state to attend the reception and funeral.
I can't say I was very choked up about the whole thing, as I never knew him that well, but the funeral itself took me by surprise and there were moments where I cried. He was a gentleman and a dedicated christian, and his influence on my life will stick with
me until The Lord calls me home too (or returns before then! That would be tremendous!).
But enough about me, let's talk about the comic a bit!

I'm always a little excited when I can come up with any excuse to not draw backgrounds. It's sort of a guilty pleasure of mine, and I'm sure you can see I've done that with this page.
Of course, that's just good practice. Never do any more work than you have to!

The other thing I want to bring up is the very tiny special effect on the second panel.
I think my one most abused tool in Manga Studio is the air-brush tool. I use it for all my shading and every single effect otherwise, but I think this may be the first page I've ever considered myself competent with it. I've recently picked up a new method of shading, which I think is helping me a lot more than I thought it would!
I really won't get into details, since I think maybe one to two percent of my audience would be able to understand it, but just know I'm feeling rather "chuffed" about it.

Alt text:
Hey, if every faerie you've ever heard of was
terrifyingly beautiful/hideous and not at all
friendly unless they were suspiciously so,
you too would doubt the flying mousie was
a faerie when he told you so.

Allow me to date this post for you- Activision and Toys For Bob (what a name, huh?) recently announced a full remake of the first three Spyro games, and I was quite excited to hear this news! I even drew something to celebrate.
Of course, with such an early artistic high in my weekly comic cycle, producing this page was such a labor of love I think I'm almost all out of love-juice this week. Thank goodness I managed to make this just in time for Friday evening! And most importantly, it doesn't look like I pooped out on detail! Yay!

Anyway, I hope to see you readers again next week.
@Neolancer: You quit that reee stuff. She was bouncing all over the place and I didn't want to mash four different backgrounds together.

Thanks for the comment! :)
Alt text:
Instructions for preparing a Happy Fae™:
1. Obtain one faerie of any age
(Do NOT use Fair Folk™ for this recipe!)
and prepare party of adventurers
2. Mix with contents of party
3. Locate and scratch ear
4. Repeat until noodle is tender
5. Wrap in hug until desired happiness
is reached
6. Servings may vary. Prepare more as needed

This comic basically proves that Mia is the perfect ambassador. She can accidentally injure herself and a foreign
and still repair relations moments later.
Of course, she's also a mother and would not have the time to represent her empire in any official capacity due to the
attention she must give her kids.

My thoughts on this one?
I think this may be a new favorite of mine. The composition is great, the timing is great, and heck, I think even the writing
isn't half bad.
Also, Mia bouncing around adorably never gets old.

Alt text:
I just realized Mia's standing on the poof-chair next to the table.

It's only a matter of time before it notices it's prey...

I'm not 100% happy with the panel layout with this one. It sort of peetered out at the end,
but overall I think it still does the job.

At this point, I really don't have much to say, so I'll just leave you with a random string of symbols:
()^$*@!%*((%#^%^^$@()*%<>?:<>?<<P:":"<$#!@>&quo t;?!%:"&^,."

...Someone "P"d on that string.

Alt text:
They seem grossly unprofessional because they are.
To be fair, adventurers aren't the kind of person that
need to be professional, mostly because those in the
party like each other quite a bit and work well because
of it.

So you all read Kebni's last line in a different tone, right? Probably wondering why she wasn't stuttering then, right?

Well, there is actually some scientific fact behind this.
Language mostly uses the left hemisphere, so regular talking going through the left hemisphere will cause stuttering. However,
when performing activities like singing (and possibly putting on a stage voice or accent, though I'm not sure), you're more using
your right hemisphere, as music is a right-brain activity much like any other art.

Kebni of course, struck with a teaching moment, is putting on more of a stage voice. Given that she probably has to speak
publicly about theological matters quite often, the stage voice would happen naturally, and the careful, clear wording
required for such speaking temporarily eliminates her stuttering.
But she's far cuter when she does stutter, which is why she as an embis does not always find her problem to be, well, a problem. Embis love being cute.

Alt text:
It seems everyone coming into this library the first time soon feels abject terror.

The more the readers know of a plan, the more likely it is
going to fail at some point.
This is pretty par for the course with any work, mostly because
a plan that works to a T is hardly at all dramatic if you know everything
about it, almost like the author would be telling you exactly what
happens next in their story before it happens. No surprise!
Far more entertaining to have the plan almost fail, completely fail, or
be tossed into the wind, and any succeeding plans must be hidden from
the readers.

Ultimately, in such settings where a plan fails as often as one sneezes, those
living in them may be well aware of this. This explains why Mia is not surprised
until she discovers precisely what the monkey wrench in the machine looks

I think I'm done here now. See you next week!

Alt text:
Lo! Look there in darkness deep,
Things so ancient there in creep-
Faerie spies with little eyes
from the distance gauge your guise!
Beware the den of faerie folk-
Their thoughts unknown, their ways like smoke-
For should you earn a faerie's ire,
things are sure to become dire.
Cannot fight nor can you run,
fae will chase from sun to sun-
Yet woe to those who hide in night,
for then is faerie greatest fright!

Not much to draw in the pitch black, hence why this one got done so quick.
I mean, you're only now seeing it on a Saturday, but this week I got it done on Thursday.

I also did some work on it before Thursday too, so that helps. Usually I can't draw until then, and
that's kind of a bad habit.

Alt text:
You can bet your tookus there will be more punny book titles,
and they'll make you laugh until you're read in the face.

Ohhh boy... They have no idea what kind of cute and cuddly danger awaits them.

Anyway, sorry for my absence! My mother who is a breast cancer survivor discovered recently that
she has cancer again. It was a hard revelation for the whole family, and it certainly left me out of sorts.
But hopefully, Lord willing, we will all get through this again, just as he brought us all through it the last time.
If you are reading this, keep my mother and the rest of us in your prayers, or send your well-wishes/good vibes
my way if you don't feel like praying.

I promise I will not be a downer in the next post, but you readers are owed an explanation.
Have a good day, and if you are suffering a crisis of your own, I'll try to keep you in my prayers too.

Alt text:
Mia is about as threatening as a honey soaked waffle.

After a short time away, I did in fact manage to post another page of VHV! It got a little close, but I managed it!

In other news, my computer is still not functioning like I would wish, but Manga Studio doesn't make it work that hard. I would have liked it if nothing needed to be replaced, but hey, the part that does need replacing is under warranty, so I won't have to pay for another one!

Sort of related, I had restored my system in the hope that it would bring my computer up to snuff. That went well for the most part, but I lost the custom font I use for VHV, and can't make a new one because the website I used no longer exists. For now and indefinitely, I'm using a different one that does the job. I think it looks pretty nice, especially with the current way I'm doing speech bubbles.

Alt text:
Those traveling in warp-circumventing methods are advized that they
can't drink the purple liquid that may result. It is highly magical, posibly
lethal, and certain to cause irritation and coughing.

Also, you can't drink it. People have tried. It doesn't seem to like it and
runs away.

After much deliberation, this is how we're going about the next scene:
light on explanation and a bit more heavy on character interaction and
general action.

But you can't stop me from introducing more furries! MWA HA HA HA!

Alt text:
Blood is thicker than water,
but love is thicker than blood.

This page is a bit low-effort today, and that's because
I had some errands this week and was otherwise not very able
to motivate myself.
My dog didn't like her vet visit. Nothing major happened, but she
didn't like it.

However, not all is lost! I've done some extensive re-writing
(nothing you will ever see) and figured out how to make the story flow
a little better.

Next week comes the good stuff. :)

Alt text:
What's the deal? This kangaroo never gets this close to me...

Mia only really has a magnetic cuddle-force because I like her so much.
That doesn't seem fair. The other furries I draw should get a turn with the lil' rumbahs.

Alt text:
I don't think a simple hug can fix this.
...It's time for advanced embracing.
Remember your training, Mia.

As far as personal thoughts for this comic go, I don't have many. It really just seems to do the job.

I have noticed that my super cartoony effects seem to change style whenever I make them. My sound-effects are all looking the same lately.

Alt text:
When Sam refers to a newborn, he's not referring to a baby rumbah fresh from the
womb, but rather fresh out of the pouch for the first time.
They take some time to develop inside the pouch like a marsupial, but instead feed
off the fats in their tails to grow. From there, they're very silken, very cute and very

I was going to make a backlog so posting every week on Saturday would be a thing that actually
happened, but that didn't actually happen.

What actually happened was I happened to actually get confused by the plot of a webcomic I
was following for a while and actually happened to need to browse its archives.

At least I got it posted.