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I'd like to think I'm awesome at art, but I've still got a little way to go.

-Cute things
-Video Games

Fruits and Vegetables. Amazing I haven't died yet!
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Welcome to VHV: A webcomic where the author likes fluff so much he decides to make a beast
that is pretty much ALL fluff... With unusual access point!

Common adventurer sense tells you not to ever let anything eat you, but it also tells you that it's okay if you fail in that regard.
You can live on with a piece missing, or in Sam's case at the beginning of the story, you can make your way back out of a nasty
loud purple lizard if you need to. In fact, being ingested in totality is a pretty regular thing among adventurers, though you won't
hear it on the brochures.
An experienced adventurer will tell you any particular creature's innards have a bizarrely wide range of comfort, and while
most simply err on the low end at “worrisome and icky”, Rose is definitely on the high end of that scale. “fur all the way down”
rings true for her species as she does not have a true stomach. All digestion is conducted with low level thaumic
transmutation triggered at will to save on energy. She cannot taste and can only smell things about as well as the weak human
nose, so her palette isn't exactly refined. However, her species do find their furry tums useful for carrying things generally not
moving, and in a pinch can warm someone up without the need to cut a large hole in a freshly dead monster. Hence their
name- “Furtum”.
(“Fur-bag” as a name was tested by one scientist early on but quickly put to a stop by his peers- Not because of the potential
offense, but due to the inaccuracy of comparing a vestigial, re-purposed digestive system to a bag of any sort)
Rose, of course, has to live with an embis high on cuddly-ness. So despite her preferences, she often has to put up with her
friend entering her "inner sanctum" to indeed take a nap as Edrin theorizes. A furtum gets used to it though.

I was worried about adding Rose to my story for a while until I realized that I've drawn similarly weird already without worry-
Butter's pouch and Aloene's everything, for example. Also, this universe has sentient sadistic bipedal mushrooms, so I think
I'm in the clear.
Demitia can still be uncomfortable, of course... But she has had no experience with Rose, unlike myself.

SDG, everyone.

What may have happened is that I decided to stop allowing guest comments- Someone
thought they were being helpful by stating a problem I was aware I had over and over
in various comics. That is why we can't have nice things.
Well, when your daughter was the kind of
child to always be defiant and naughty when younger, no matter how good she is
now you're going to be suspicious of
just about everything she does...

Welc' for the enjoy. :]
@MviluUatusun: Being chosen as a representative is like jury duty, except
people actually wish it would happen instead of dread it.
Kind of surprised I haven't really drawn any guy embis until now...

They're kind of always like this. In fact, their relationship thrives on co-patronizing with a healthy dose of
mushy stuff. The mutual and equal investment in their daughter helps too... As well as the fact that they find each other cute
as heck (but that last one is normal for any embis couple).

SDG, everyone.
This is the most dramatic <s>office space</s> garage workshop reveal in the history of comicking.

Welcome back to regular VHV goodness! This year's April Fools thing was a bit weird, wasn't it? And a first!

Now, I did mention how Rose is mute, but that doesn't mean she can't make noises. Exhaling loudly in sighs, puffs or huffs is her
limit, but others of her species manage a bit of a fuzzy sounding whisper to actually talk. It's not at all easy though, as they don't
naturally even learn spoken language beyond understanding others who speak it- No real vocal chords to necessitate the
accelerated language learning processes that other young beings have- So technically Rose's first language is written

As for what she is, I'll reveal her species name at a time where it's appropriate. For now...

SDG, everyone.
You know, like how the moth flies out of the empty wallet when the broke dude opens it?
Just so much poorer that the moth is dead and there's no washer inside.

Rose is a quirky, rare form of sapient. Part of the weirdness is not often commented on, but her incapability to vocalize is of
particular note. To facilitate this, Rosie is using a Real Paper drawing tablet and passing her drawings to yamri.
After many years of technological innovation and putting up with the same ol', one day a hardware designer got tired of worn
nibs, scratched screens and shakey strokes, so he sought to put a stop to that.
Trying his best to match the sensation of drawing on paper, he spent a good year and a half of nonstop work to make a screen
out of a special interstellar-era gel that reformed itself, all the while protecting the electronics and allowing proper drag at the
same time to stabilize strokes naturally.
The product overall sold very very well and is still seeing manufacture in many different sizes as the mainstay of any digital artist
with the coin to buy it, but unfortunately the one weakness of the "Real Paper" tablet is that it totally, completely and
entirely failed to feel like paper in any way whatsoever.

SDG, everyone.
There are no wasted rants.
There are only poorly timed rants.

I decided Mia needed to act more like a mom.
Very important if she's going to be team mom later on, I think.

SDG, everyone.
I can't stop drawing cuddly pages.

Send help.

I've probably said enough about embis in text dumps that I can make an actual info-dump picture for them. Probably a project
for the future, but not for this textbox.

Let's just say that embis kiss people they love, and generally an embis will admit they love their friends.

SDG, everyone.
> _ <

Alas, poor Mia. The house is too small for her.
...In truth, it would possibly brush the heads of normal height people too.

SDG, everyone.

Entirely depends on how many of them are embis. I do think that Mia would probably end up fending off the other embis so they don't crowd him: She knows how pushy they can sometimes be, being one herself.

Of course they know! Butter and her friends are pretty much getting all their food from other colonists... And lots of advice. Probably a little more of that than is helpful.
Ha! I like it!
@Casanova: ...Yep.
I'll do better next time.
Waist not
Want not.

...I'll see myself out.

What scene isn't made better with Foxmom and Leo?
Well, I can't think of any.

Leo is very tolerant of other's silliness.. Especially since he conducts such silliness with others.

SDG, everyone.
Any gang of rumbah killers would find a much more effective method in kicking their victims with their digging claws...

But the grandma probably exists somewhere!
Hug transfer is probably a real magic somewhere in the world of VHV,
but I don't think it's very common...

It should be.

What can I say? This is one of those transitional pages, so I don't really have a lot to say.
Uhhhh... Eat your greens?
Well I can't say that because I don't really eat my greens...

You'll notice a little cartoon roo in the 3rd panel on a poster.
That critter is Zoey, a tree kangaroo and the brainchild of Lemurfeature on Twitter!
He does some lovely 3D stuff there and almost all of it is very cute! I even drew some art for him, if you're interested.

SDG, everyone.
By themselves without activation or a good method of extracting contained thaumic energy, magical artifacts, even if they glow or produce heat, don't do much of that by themselves.
Not that people haven't been that clever before! Especially in small colonies like Beta-4, creative solutions are devised all the time for modern conveniences (And given it is perfectly legal for one to run a gas-powered generator to power their house, thaumic power sources would be too).

Butter is being realistic here. Honestly, her discovery of the usefulness of The Torus was coincidental (or at least, in the eyes of mortals it was), and artifacts older than the 7th eon of creation, that eon in which she lives, have no current texts containing sufficient documentation to allow for any simple identification of artifacts- No translatable language has survived passage into another eon, much less any user manuals. Doing their own research is not enough, isolated as they are. Searching The Tomeatorium for information is an option, but with a library the size of a planet and an organization system for books that roughly equals "remember where you put it", you're probably going to get distracted by that one book series you really liked as a kid before ever finding what you're looking for.

Now artifact study is not often something people pay you for the privilege of doing. Sure, The Torus would definitely be of scholarly interest- Especially when one knows what it does- but most artifacts contain significant risk to figuring out, what with the necessary procedures possibly breaking the artifact (or some portion of an unfortunate scholar), so the services of a willing artifactologist would require half the commission upfront.

That wouldn't be a problem for Butter and her gang if there were such people available on Beta-4. As it stands, not even the Red Magus of
this planet have the experience- and the faeries of The Tomeatorium wouldn't see the benefit of understanding an artifact if they could just cast the spell they happen to need at the time.

Thank you for the comment! It's quite thoughtful and I love a good reason to invent some lore. :)
Show your Leos some love and they will show it to you!

Be sure to face adversity with a smile, optimism and sensibility!
Butter's spirits are sure to soar when Leo does it for her, so why don't you do it
for someone else in your life?

That bed looks cozy tho, doesn't it?

SDG, everyone.

Butter is a girl. It's a pretty weird shortening for Buttercup, but she is definitely a she.

Leo takes himself very seriously, but few others do anything of the sort until it's too late. Leo's angry moments are quite a
surprise to just about everyone. Not that that's even very relevant to this unsurprisingly cuddly comic.

Now I'd like to give credit where it's due: I've used a couple characters that aren't mine for some of Butter's stuffed
animals, so I'd be remiss to not bring them up. I debated keeping it secret anyway, but it's not exactly subtle in that top-right
panel over there.

One of them I've drawn before.She's a sweet cat tribeswoman who also is a bit of a brawler, and is currently under the care of
DreagonArchives, who you should definitely check out because she's one of my friends online and her stuff is cute.

The other is Daisy. Her heart is in the right place, but just a stroll through town with her can cause many accidents and/or
comical injuries, regardless how enjoyable your time with her is. Thankfully, her plush form is very safe to be around.
She's the brainchild of FalloutFox, who can also be found on Twitter, if that's your thing. He's another online friend of mine
who is improving pretty fast at this point and may be my friendly rival in the art department. That's good though! It keeps me
nice and sharp even if I'm not sure he sees things the same way.

SDG, everyone.
Woah! Watch out for those ethereal cows!
Moove! Moove away from them!

No, obviously she didn't sleep for 3 months. Duh.

Now I know how invested you all were in the robot in the last page... Which is why I cut to Butter suddenly and am making you
wait! MWA HA HA HA!! But seriously, I need to have some tension in my comic, otherwise it'd get boring with everything
coming up Milhouse.
Boy, that was a very dated reference that I really shouldn't be allowed to use. I'm too young!

SDG, everyone.