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I'd like to think I'm awesome at art, but I've still got a little way to go.

-Cute things
-Video Games

Fruits and Vegetables. Amazing I haven't died yet!
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The difference can be most easily seen in the first panel here, if you compare Mia and Sam.
He's half her size (though to be fair, she's pretty tall), has bigger feet and longer claws.
Some other anatomical differences are present, but mostly I'm not good enough at drawing to distinguish the two species.
Mother Jess is being a little coy here.
Of course, when you know just how aggressively people sometimes
attack your religion, you would to.
...I'm also being a little coy.

Like that middle panel? I really like how it turned out, at least.
Somehow, I managed to get this whole thing drawn in a single day, but I do hope I will
be avoiding such a panic in the future.

Let's see... For species representation in the center panel, we've got from right to left an Embis (black fox),
Two rumbahs (twin girls), another embis (Mother Eledei!), and something new... Who and what is that?

SDG, everyone.
Probably an alien earwig (or piece of dirt) stuck in there or something...
But this is what happens when fighters try to multi-class into healing.
Please stick to your class unless you can get proper training.

(Class systems do not exist in VHV, BTW.)

This one took a little longer than I was comfortable with, but that's only because Thanksgiving week had a lot of vacation to it.
I spent one day extra on the page, all told.

SDG, everyone.
Hopefully, any future travel to and from The Tomeatorium
will involve LESS, if not NO cranial trauma!
Poor, poor floofs!

I cut it pretty close again with this one, but I'm not unhappy about it.
Really, this is about typical as far as VHV pages go. Sometimes it's a flop, sometimes it's beautiful, mostly it looks like this.

I had a lot of fun with the more cartoony effects in this page, though!

SDG, everyone.
When you're this small, you can generally expect to be carried by someone
else about 50% of the time you go anywhere- But only because embis commonly
have less restraint than say, Mia.

Yes. Mia is actually quite restrained for an embis. Consider the implications and despair.

With due apologies for my absence last week, here is the VHV page that I missed! I will not say the extra time did not give me
some time to think about how to make the page work, but I would rather remain more timely more often.

That said, I hope you're smart and know where this is going.
Thanks for reading!

SDG, everyone.
@Aeon#3547: Couldn't think of any. :/
Always gotta worry about them smooch-storms.
If necessary, one can hide themselves with the
nearest cuddly authority (or big person).
It's a proven method!

Okay, so I may have made a liar out of the narrator, but it's for a good cause! More kissy faeries!

Don't worry too much about me this week. I'm just getting back into my swing that I lost with last week's
lack of productivity. See you in the next!

Can you tell I was probably sick of drawing a ruined library?
I can. Considering the one-panel wonder I've presented you all with this week.
It's okay though. The show must go on in whatever way it must. I'll mark this one up to my very poor discipline. I've had a very bad case of the I-don't-wannas this whole week and kept getting distracted by anything with a shiny gimmick. Game, Youtube video, movie, whatever it was I was doing it and not the comic.

The important thing, though, is that future readers will not have a bad time with reading the archive. As long as that's not painful, we'll be good.

SDG, everyone, and may future VHV bring more exciting pages!
Poor Sam... Truly the minority in the life he leads.
I suppose he will have to just go along with it for a while.

A friend of mine said she wanted to see more Leo, so here's a bit more Leo.
He sure love his Butter. :3

Ooooon the other hand... I believe I need to start thinking about wrapping this arc up.
It's getting long enough, and I'm not sure how much interest I can keep in people sitting around a library in the dark. :I
Besides... This is just the beginning of everything VHV will be, and I can't get to anything exciting if I keep hanging out here!

So I'm announcing the final chapter of the arc "Don't Fiddle With Strange Stuff", starting next week!
This has been exhausting and gratifying at the same time, and while I'm cutting some content I wanted to add to reign in the
pace, I'm hoping future story lines can be bigger and better now that I've introduced you all to my lovely little furries.
Anyway, this should be pretty short, just to tie up some of the remaining loose ends and get the first chapter done by the
end of the year, hopefully.

That's about all to say about that. I hope you all stick around for what I have going next!

SDG everyone.
Certain schools of thought will actually state that the
poof chair is not predatory, but merely affectionate,
unknowing of when it is appropriate to let go of
the person who sits in them.
It's really about your attitude, honestly.

You know, I actually think I got this one done in only two days.
That's incredible, considering how much effort I had to put into it
for day two.

Adventurers like to tease each other for getting into danger. It's really
just a thing among them.
Less of a thing, unfortunately, is that the typical adventurer does not
have easy access to a masseuse and must suffer the stiffness that comes
with their dangerous job. Many newbie adventurers quit for a normal
profession because they're so sore all the time.
Other newbies die, but those, surprisingly, are always declared preventable
accidents and many safety standards are in place to make sure death is unlikely.

SDG everyone.
An x-ray wouldn't show anything interesting unless pointed to the inside, because physically Butter is about the same as she was before the enchantment- A holding space is pretty much one sided (though still 3D) in a sense, so x-rays pass right through it unless aimed at the one physical side.
As for maintenance, any holding space needs it's enchantment on the outside, or else any failure of it will erase the runes entirely- Very difficult to put the one source of the spell on the inside anyway.
Maintaining the runes as such is simple enough- All it requires is shaving the area of the spell and reapplying the tattoo pattern. It's awkward, yes, but not very difficult.
Don't let her kid you. There's no stomping going on in there.
Cuddling though you can bet on.
It's probably utterly adorable, so it's too bad we can't see them in there.

Lots of panels, but I think I'm more interested in providing a bit of lore this week!
Butter's pouch looks furry on the inside because it is, in fact, furry on the inside. Those embis who happen to have pouches
also share this trait.
The reason for this is that unlike marsupials, the pouch is not a gestational component of their anatomy and is more
generalized in its purpose because of it. Such a pouch is meant to hold more than just young creatures, and thus the soft,
thick, darker fur on the inside insulates and is water resistant. A good place for exposed electronics, rolled parchment, dried
salvage and kids!
However, pouch-fur sheds just like any other fur and so requires regular grooming. The only problem this causes is clogging
shower drains just a bit quicker with fur than a pouchless creature would.
Shedding is something humans don't really have to put up with.

SDG everyone.
@Aeon#3547: I'll keep it up! I assure you!
Actually... All rumbah have rather roomy pouches...
But surely not roomy enough to carry two embis children of their age?

Really shouldn't purchase two new games at the beginning of the week. This page almost didn't get done! Thankfully,
I made a lovely compromise to bring you this decent 4-panel page. Really though, the highlight of my skill is being able to draw
Butter getting squished in a hug.

SDG everyone.
I'm so stinking proud of that title it's silly.

Dynamic poses, dynamic lighting, interesting action, what more could an artist want in their work?
Now, I will leave the actual evaluation to my audience, but I hope you will permit me a moment of pride in my work.

Now to the actual art!
This page proves as a whole that nothing's cuter than a fluffy pair of cuddly twins, but not much else. For such times as these,
I like to fill this little box with lore...
But I've really got nothing. I just think the page speaks for itself.

SDG everyone.
Alt text:
Pssh! There's no way a little thing like Butter could
carry an embis kid their age for any long time...

Aaaaah, what a little thing like lacking electricity can do to a guy.
Sorry everyone! This update was a little later than I liked!

There's only so much dignity a doctor can have when her patient is her brother... And she's about 10 years old.
Thankfully Mia keeps some first-aid supplies in her sweater pocket for such occasions that the medic decides to drop her
Still, a tickle isn't as bad as other things... Embis spit is very good at cleaning wounds...

SDG Everyone.
@Hell's Dragonfly: Ha! The name's Daaberlicious, but thank you for all the compliments! I explained S.D.G. earlier in the author comments of other pages below, but I can see why you missed it. There's... a lot of words in those sometimes.
Alt text:
There are many kinds of kisses a mom like Mia gives.
This kind is the proud mom kiss. Short and to the point,
just like how a maiden rewards her hero.

Guys, I must confess I'm actually quite proud of how this one turned out.
Not the top two panels, those ones really look bad by comparison to the rest.
I'm proud of this page because I now have a greater understanding of facial form that I think I used to, not great, but
subtly good effect.
You're not really noticing anything with the character's faces, but isn't that the point? Nothing looks weird?
I could have gone back and redone those first two panels, but this comic's process has been all about going ever onward and
upward, so thus I go!

Alt text:
Don't act like you wouldn't for little Ardo.

If Ardo were human, he'd be about the right age to start thinking kisses from mom were gross. That would be a normal attitude.
But not so with embis. As it stands, embis don't even grow out of family cuddle time, much less kisses from mom.
Could he be okay without both? Certainly. Embis grow up too, but nether Ardo or Emmi would ever say no in the future.

As for everyone else, if you ever owned and dearly loved a pet enough to kiss them, you'd be tempted to kiss an embis.
Just saying.

Alt text:
Butter has... A lot of pent up emotions right now.
It's actually incredible nobody else is crying over this.

Over the course of writing VHV, I've determined, much to my surprise, that my favorite thing to write happens to be emotional,
not actiony scenes.
Sure, those definitely have their place, but VHV has evolved to an extent to accommodate my taste for intimate fiction- Not
intimate as in love, but as in being close in focus- paying attention to the small details and interactions of characters, as opposed to any grander arcs or greater conflict.
I might go over this in a Daab-Gaab, but for now, discussing the comic!

Butter surprised me again writing her for this. She was primarily very introverted, possibly prone to anger in any
stressful situation, and certainly didn't cry as much as she is currently. Now? Well, you're seeing now. She's a bit softer,
vulnerable, uncertain. Definitely not capable of conquering all obstacles before her. That's why she has her friends!

And most real-world conflicts aren't solved by one person anyway. I find I like this Butter better.