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I'd like to think I'm awesome at art, but I've still got a little way to go.

-Cute things
-Video Games

Fruits and Vegetables. Amazing I haven't died yet!
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October 13th, 2019
Hopefully you will find this reason enough to be late next week.

See y'all soon!

Edit- October 16th:
Having made the trip, here's a twitter chain of pictures from it!
I hope you all enjoy. :)
October 13th, 2019
Simply put, the more usable money is not there anymore. it's why they're being paid in
priceless ancient artifacts that they can't sell. Got to pay them something.

It may just be time to stop working for The Temple though. When your contractor is bankrupt,
there really aren't any other good options.
October 12th, 2019
Every Rose has it's "thorns".

...It's fluff.
Rose is a fuzzbucket.

Leo takes things seriously, but not all of him is put towards that process.
While he'd never make it in a boardroom pitch, there's something to be said for the charisma it gives him.
For sure he'll get all the children he associates to respect him!
...Children currently lacking in this room is no hindrance.

SDG, everyone.
With a foot rub to boot!

Just when you think you're done, there's one last hugger between you and the thing you set out to do today.
Or is that just Butter?
Either way, author appeal is in strong form with today's update. Besides the poof-chairs, I'd like a fluffy tail to nestle in.
...Maybe I just like furries?
Whooda thunk?

SDG, everyone.
[All the embis liked that]
Only work was supposed to be done in this office
until Yamri moved in. Now it's a living room.
Trying to make it homey was a task that she's not
sure she's succeeded quite yet.

Here's the promised cuteness I lacked the last page!
For Yamri and most embis, dressing casual basically means letting their fluffiness
out to the world.
you might just think she's a large talking mouse if you did not know any better.
As it is, she's a "talking mouse" who really should have not opened the door so wide.

SDG, everyone.
@itsune9tl: Previous page says she has 5 tails.

She's very protective. And seeing that, regardless of who it's aimed at, is bound
to cause some distress...

The business side of life can often clash
with neighborly friendliness.
This does draw questions about the nature of this medium.
Did her eyes glow in the actual setting, or was that just a
special effect?
Will Daaberlicious ever tell you?

Heyo! What a way to end the month, with another VHV just in time for you.
After a hard, long week of work, I bet you just wake up on the weekend at maybe 8:00, maybe 9:00 and pop right onto the
computer to see what kind of cute furries I've posted...
Then bam. I make that face for my comic.
I'm sorry if I upset any one of you. I assure you I will always be doing my regular huggy stuff, so you will not be lacking in the

SDG, everyone.
How the heck can anyone like that?
Did he even like it?
What purpose does it serve?!
Also, save us all from your mom, Mia.
She's scary.

Well, this one I'll admit is a bit of a rush-job, but sometimes that's all you can manage.
I think at the very least it looks serviceable. So there is at least that. :)

SDG, everyone.
Don't you love the friendly countryside?
Lots of lovely country boys, girls, grandmas and grandpas, and cats- Quite a few cats.

I guess you wonder where I've been :)

But seriously. It's been too long.
For the most part though, I've at least had decent excuses.
First it was a tree in the backyard I had to clear, and then it was a new shiny VR system I had to try out a lot of.
...I didn't say they were great, but they were okay excuses.

Between the second and now I also went into private dramatics and had to have a walk with God, but I feel like we're back,
and at least as good as when we left!

Thank you all for your patience. I hope I can continue posting my furries on time now, for at least a little while!

SDG, everyone.
It was.

This is part of a two-page post! If you're missing context, head back one page!

I was planning on doing a second page with what time I had on Wednesday, but I didn't really have the motivation...
Until Thursday work got called off for me and I had a whole day to myself!
You're all welcome.

SDG, everyone.
This will be messy.

As the author, I'm not sure if this is more tragic or more funny.
I did just go and say it though- Jean pulls through.
I basically said she would back in page 35 of Chapter 1, before you even knew her.
But, ya know... Most authors don't introduce a character to kill them 25 pages in to
their existence in the story.

SDG, everyone.
Hurtling poof chairs is a new one to me.
That would certainly be more deadly than the ones
in The Tomeatorium... Those just entrap you.

Hope you had a Happy Independence day, everyone!
Unless you're not American... Hmm... This just got awkward.

I might have gotten this thing done earlier this week if it weren't for the fact that I made the mistake of visiting the Secretary
of State office on the 4th of July weekend...
Ah well. It did get done though! And I had a lot of fun designing the inside of the ship. I look forward to making it look good in
it's normal lighting after this whole sequence is over... :]

SDG, everyone.
Well, she is barely any older than 2...
It's possible she was never taught how to slide down a fireman's pole
in an emergency crash landing scenario so-
Wait... That's not information ANYONE can be expected to know.

I love the lighting of this one. I may have confused some readers with that first panel though:
Jean is skidding to a halt. Those are cartoonish motes of dust, but the lighting may have made it hard to tell.

Thanks for reading!
SDG, everyone.
Space rock from outside the system?
Yeah, that would cause a power outage, I think!

This page isn't pretty, but it looks good!
Good enough to come back from a 2 week unexpected hiatus!
Glad to be back! Here's to more pages more promptly!

SDG, everyone.
They do so love their back-and-forth...
Regardless of it's actual composition, Engine oil in the mouth is gross period.
There's a pretty recent re-design to that actually.
I eventually figured that the length of the claws was kind of ridiculous, so I've shortened them.
They may be subteranian alien kangaroos, but they're not moles. :)
She's my favorite too. :)