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@Mccull61: I'm so late to this buT OMG YESS!!!

the white album had their weird music on it haha
@DreamGazerT: because i think all thats going down there is "hey hun, you ready for kids yet? ...well why the heCK NOT!!" then its continues to throw a tantrum
Cutest borderline porn ever
Seriously??? Ive seen plenty of comics on here that are fully on porn and no one has complained about those
at first i was mad... but then he blushed and it made it all better
In Australia, we call them thongs and we call "thongs" g-strings >v>
September 16th, 2015
I kinda still very much ship vince and lee... maybe if things go down hill they can have a fling before getting back to the main ship
Arco is 100% me at sleepovers :'D
Oh im sure he is still awake... mentally trying to get rid of that boner ewe

(oh hey on a different note... do you know what happened to the cute deer babs? //my mind is having a mind blank on the comics name but im pretty sure you will know what im talking about because i found them through you))
@Y?: maybe this isnt the comic for you then? :'D
Im dying to see what happens next!!
(maybe a stupid question)
Will these three officially put together as a couple or will it just be the two and one moves on?
I knew he could turn human!
February 17th, 2015
I think we can all agree that you can pay us back by continuing this comic for a long time~!

Im a new reader (joined before the previous update) and I already love your comic!! Thank you for making it!!!
why does it just say 'NSFW SORRY' and have no way to actually see it??
i do the same when i meet my friends crushes =w=
its the kitty isnt it