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yeaaahhhh it's back!! just reread the whole comic to fully feel the weight of this page n' i'm glad i did. it's really touching haha~ i love all the panels but my favorite is definitely the last one. that's a great hand you drew bro. daaang Naoki you look so cool as a bird! it's so fun to see all the different types of animals you draw for this. can't wait to see more! as well as what's to happen in chapter 4~ it'll certainly be exciting with all the new types of characters. good luck on the script n' layout, n' of course doing the actual pages
aaaaa this page is really great i love the poses in this so much everyone looks way too cute arAGDJGKSG MIYU SOBS nooo... /clings to her
awwww snap yumi just took an intense level of badass rn. freakin' miyu's face in all the panels are mad adorbs ;v;
whoa i'm loving the first two panels! those poses are totally awesome!! aaa i read the q n' a n' those answers were p cool sal. ;v; i loved hearing all those fun facts about the characters. it's amazing how well thought out they all are n' i'm sure there's even more interesting things about them too you haven't told *u* also i'm glad you're feeling better!
THIS IS INTENSE! man all of these positions are just gorgeous. awesome job on the page
still exciting yeaaaa they look super cute but what i really love is the differences in their clothes even though they're all wearing the same thing. nice
that was great. can't wait to see the bonus stuff
oh man this comic is sweet n' hilarious. great job! keep it up uvu
LFMAO HOTARU "i was looking for your stupid face, you stupid face"
this page looks different from the last? like colours n' lines look super nice. also everyone's expressions omg
kangaroo hotaru is the best omg. makes me wonder if yumi is going to force him into any other transformations?
i have conflicting feelings, sal. i'm glad he's not getting hurt anymore but then again i want to see more 'cause wow miyu you're such a bamf oh my god. oh man that first panel is so COOL that water detail is pretty awesome. n' Miyu's attacks aaaaaaAAAAAA
dang sal the panels with backgrounds are just so gorgeous. also miyu's face in the fourth panel. yes punches to the face
@Haruchu pff i wonder. itcould'vebeenonpurpose
oh man that's really cute. i hope they all enjoyed it. happy international womens day /late
holy shit third n' fourth panels are amazing. the perspective in the third whoa. time to see butts being kicked YEAHHH?!?!
congrats on the second anniversary!
gdi man all of hotaru's expressions are just fun to look at. so rare for him to freak out. miyu, baby, as lovely as always n' i really love the way you do the beads.
what are you guys all doing for halloween? dressing up as anyone?
n' feel free to guess who's who.

edit: Leon n' his cat as Ash n' Pikachu (Pokemon), Ayden as Zack (FFVII), Nyle as John (Homestuck), Amber as Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time).
@Haruchu failed keeping it alive. what are you talking about /updates monthly ahah. can't wait for the next page
@Haruchu same here. why is singing so hard ahah. like micchiru said, it's Matryoshka.
@Micchiru you are correct! it's always the mic, never the singer! damn those mics.