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Awww~ Hope your thumb gets better soon. Hehe. <3
I likes this page though~ xD
Sparkles are fun, but are hard to find, I agree with that. Hehe.
You're art is so amazing. -swoons-
Aww he is all sleepy <3 Hehe.
Yay an update. x)
I really adore your style and everythings so smooth and pretty. ^^
Max looks very serious, its quite scary. <3
August 31st, 2007
This picture is so cute~
They are so squishable and rapeable =3=
Congratulations and celebrations -does a dance-
I think the picture is pretty~ <3
Ahh nues don't stop it there.
=3= Hehe, suspense~
So unique and gorgeous. -swoooons-
This has to be the prettiest art block I have ever seen. <3
Wheee pretty~
And you're back hehe.
Yay 0w0
Congratulations. <3
And keep it up :3
Awesome as always.
I love the colours ^^'
August 25th, 2007
Aww noes~ I think its a really good page.
Scrat likes it <3
Wow, your colouring is so beautiful. <3
I just finished reading through the archives, and your idea is so awesome. :3
Wow 0w0 so pretty.
I love your colouring. <3
Meany poo Mrs Dove. 0w0
Poor Liam =3=

Annd you spelt must wrong, by the way. ^^'
August 8th, 2007
Awwws~ So pretty.
Thank you for faving and commenting on my comic by the way.
Much love~ <3
Yay, Henry and his freckles~
Liam looks so sad and confused, poor pup. Awesome page as always.
I'm sure it didn't suck really~
And this looks so pretty, your style is awesome.
A definate fav. -skips away-
Pretty again~
I like the soft colouring, its nice on the eyes <3
Ahhh~ Your art is so gorgeous.
I must say you are absolutely amazing when it comes to developing emotions and your characters.
Hehe. I never thought Richard would have been so patient. xD