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I love this website> ts like my version of social media, but the people are better and I don't hate myself after posting a comment.
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Oh man I can’t wait for more! 😍😍
@Funko king : thinking the same thing
"Come on over" xD lol
Please no... i love your qork ☹
April 5th, 2018
Dakota be his savior.
Yeah Super slick there lmao
Pfft. Like the big guy was going to let you be top xD lmao (not sayinf it couldnt be the other way around, plz dont attack my comment like many people did the first one)
That's cute
I love your guys' story so far so cute
@Sugar Jackie: lmao you made me laugh so loud by this comment!
If he almost dies can't you just turn him into one? Doesn't it work like that?
I'm seeing some beauty here lol
Love it
January 6th, 2018
Missed you hope you're doing good.
Thank you for this blessing lol πŸ˜‚
Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Absolutely loving the story so far!
Hope you do well Amanduur! Rooting for you since i just got done with finals week
But they're so impersonal with the artists because I'm lots of people read your stuff on webtoons. That's why I read on both so I can comment here. Btw hiros comment on the next page is funny lol love your humor
@WoodElf16: from michigan?? Thought I'd be the only one! Few of more here too! That's super cool!