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an apple a day can keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough
he just got told to walk it off
I don't know what is more impressive Louis found his dream man OR he realized all that from the guy saying hi
Momo that's your cue!
hey thanks now I can kick your friend in the balls without having to worry about balancing
please tell me this is what happens
January 14th, 2016
is that his name or is that where he is going to hit first?
I love it! the last panel creates the effect of mind blown
ADORABLE!!!!!! I love the dress and it looks amazing on her!
don't worry about slow updates
the octopus made my day :3
squiggly wiggly smooshy wooshy friend providing convenient censorship, very nice.
you just gave me a heart attack. good thing I lived so I can find out what happens.
this page made me purr in delight
January 4th, 2016
Happy Birthday
Hiro uses girlfriend 3 and 7 against Final Boss. Hiro powers up girlfriends 3 and 7 to Ultra Girlfriends.
Will it be enough?
December 28th, 2015
pretty lady I bow to your awesomeness and run away cause I like my limbs attached to my body
December 26th, 2015
I'm thinking some brain recalibration like with a anvil maybe
last panel is the absolute best thing ever the face is just perfect
December 21st, 2015
dude you did more than dun goofed, you dun f***ed up. enjoy the unicorn, I hear their horns are sharp
something tells me I'm going to like this next page very much. :3