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hey im hut

i used to be on here before and then i left because i had to follow my true lifes calling to punch a hundred bears and hug a thousand trees

i have returned after punching my hundredth bear and hugging my thousandth tree

fuck you bears

suck my dick bears
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    Hut "Jesus of Nazareth" of Trees
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a LOT of Inquisition
so i've been playing Inquisition a lot recently
hey, we're a new sprite showcase. i mean you could post art too if you wanted to.

there's basically no requirements to join, just go ahead and click that apply button and tell me to diddle myself and i'll accept.

there was an attempt

to do what im not sure but im goddamn sure there was at least a fucking attempt to achieve /something/
so i finally really pixeled my author 'sona, Hut. or Hugger. whatever you want to call it.

i also pixeled a lil kirby thing as well of hut/hugger bc im also a part of that Dump of Many Authors thing now????? despite that i have no perms, ofc, so i dont have anything to dump there

but yeah thats me/it yooooo
the only problem i can really see with this is that the lightsource isnt very clear on some parts of the body. i assume it's supposed to be top left, but the right arm, the sword, and the hands have a much less clear lightsource, though it appears to be top right instead.

im loving your colours, though, good job on those, especially the red and purple.
welcome Mechist to the showcase

just fuckign do it welcome the absolute shit out of them god DAMN
hes not actually gay but i am

for him

im fucking disappointed in myself that i wasted my anchor arms on fucking wimpyass haven when i had such a prime anchor arms candidate right here

look at those muscular masculine arms id lick em
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

- me, right now
January 4th, 2015
what a babe

she probably kisses haven at some point but thats nowhere near as exciting as punching bears

i figured out LSWi style so i got haven JACKED
this was the guy i made a while back when i first joined SJ

he's a hedgehog i guess and i think he's also a virtual intelligence

his name is Haven and he's kind of an asshole