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Eyyyy *thumbs up"

I'm the guy. I'm THAT guy. You know me. I'm him.

(Not like that creepy power-puff girl villain devil monster, him.)

Just a dude making some webcomics.
I'll be coming out with something later in the year... OR NEVER :D! Who knows. You probably dont care. Ummmm
Remember Everyone when youre doing your eyebrows they should be cousins or sisters not twins. Don't try to be perfect. Mwuah.

SO yeah oh yeah, my name's like Ziiopy.. Call me Zii. or Zi. Or Z.

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haha I know
my character design and style changes from page to page HARRHARR. I hate consistency... I hate...myself.lololololcry pls someone b out there.
this is me trying not to make my art look like throw up.

can someone help me pls figure out how to resize my picture. I lose like 100% quality.
this is hilarious
Welcome back to me
I'ts summer time and you know what that means, gonna head down to the beach and do some beachy things.

but for me summer time is drawing boys love thx.
Who are these men
Oh em gee. who are these men, hopefully they have something to do with the story. OF COURSE THEY DO. Now entering, the valorian boooooooooyys. let the hijinks ensue,
story time
when I was 12 I was interviewed on the new as one of those bystander opinion people. All I did was say "i have no opinion, Hi mom." CRINGE. FOREVER CRINGE.
almust der
URrrggghh I can feel the tension rising. cant wait to draw some new characters in chapter 2
December 31st, 2015
You know that smell. That smelly smell. That smell that smells.. smelly.
December 29th, 2015
@jury: Thanks!! *stretches legs* It's good to be back, Happy holidays to you to!
December 29th, 2015
@CrazyaNinja: Lets hope it doesnt end like that ._. lol!
December 29th, 2015
story time
I get my hair cut at a fancy shamancy salon because barbers scare me. SO I cut my hair. let me reiterate, I cut MY hair. I took a razor and a mirror and went sparta on my freakin hair. I saved about $30.

And I will never forgive myself
December 22nd, 2015
Hey......I'm....back kinda. schools done for winter and my brain is fried. hiiiiiieeee everyone if anyone is there. harrharr
September 12th, 2015
you know that feeling where you have to do homework and study, but you're like fuck that I want to draw. Yeah. me.
Trying to juggle making a comic and Biology 141 xC. HALP
FIRST DAY OF CLASSES and my first class is at 8:30. Someone help me
Status update
My finger still hurts. Classes are starting. I need a haircut. I have to poo.
I broke a nail. In the worst possible way. I slammed it in a door. I literally looked at my hand, looked at the door and slammed the door. LIKE SOME KIND OF IDIOT. My nail was like "fuck you, I'm out, you're an idiot" So I'm living with half an exposed nail bed. I deserve it. dammit it all. anyways. yeah we're laying the bed of the story we're gonna start real soon. haha

It wasnt my middle finger though so I'm okay! *flicks off the door*
ANNNNNNND SCENE! Claps for everyone! jk, just for me.
Who grabs a bitch by their mouth. Who does that?