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@JovanW: A bite to eat. It's an idiom - he wants to go with Tails and Blaze to buy a meal from a fast-food joint.
Neat. I just binged this entire comic, and the last arc was on feminism, which has been largely solved in the US and Canada since women gained the right to vote, which has been the case for at least a century. Fair point for the robots, though; there's been a distinct lack of robot women. Not that robots inherently have a gender, anyways - they're robots, not living creatures. They can't reproduce, which is one of the two defining parts of gender - reproductive organs and evolution.

Anyways, I quite enjoyed reading it so far, Rhythm. If you choose to continue making this, I'll keep reading it.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The ones who want to read your comic will keep coming back every time you post a new issue, no matter how long it takes.
The way he snapped tells me it's sleep deprivation.
He might even be slightly hallucinating that the painting is worse than it actually is, and we're only being shown what he sees. But, I can say from experience, the way he stopped giving a fuck, how he reacted once he realized, and his haste in leaving, they all indicate sleep deprivation. That's likely the main, if not only, reason he's acting like he is.
Alright guys, we've hit the end of this comment chain.
If you were curious like me, and you wanted to see what was up with the whole debacle just above, it's over now. Regular comments start from here down.
Don't stress yourself over it, yo. As long as it gets posted, those of us who keep coming back aren't gonna worry about the scheduling.
The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available.

(Might want to fix your URLs, bro. Still loving the comic.)
You're doing well, man. Glad to see you back in action.
@NatsFan: Of course we're gonna giggle at it. It's funny. But us big hypocrites aren't gonna do it ourselves, and we know well enough to try to get others not to do it.
Since you've scrolled this far down into the comments, I'm going to assume you don't recognize Kinesis' weapon.

It's from this page:
@MegamanSonic: PLEASE don't use ZSNES. Romhustler is an alright site, but ZSNES is not a good emulator. There was a security exploit recently found with it that lets it run an arbitrary command, for example opening any webpage. If you want something that's easy to use, go for Snes9x. If you want something hyper-accurate, but resource-intensive, use Bizhawk.
@Drakanor Dream: Perhaps she doesn't have a closet to come out of. Not every character needs to be a lesbian.
Looks... exactly the same.
This page must not have been changed when you remade it. =p
I'm glad to see that you're back!

To be honest, I never had a problem like this in school, but I can definitely see it happening. The quality of your work hasn't lessened at all, so I'm going to just eagerly await the next page.
@Icelandic_Guy There is definitely a spoiler on that page.
@Luigi_96: You hold right and A. Where is the difficulty, again?
@Fighter Dee: It is a sad face. He is sad because progress was not made in his video game.

Also, I always love these special effects comics. It shows how much love you put into this whole work of art.
Timing, yo.
I just finished the archive, and I want to say that I love this entire thing.

I'd also like to introduce Djoing to the wonderful world of emulation. It's technically not legal to download the games, but who gives a shit?

The next link is perfectly legal.

Or, if you prefer using a similar name to the website you were going to...