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@TheJGamer: thanks! it's always good to hear support!
i made a thing since this comic is kind of inactive:
yep we're doing the thing
and now that the framing device is out of the way, we can actually get started. read the rules to see how to submit a character. the first real page will start once there's at least 2 signups.

also there's mouseover text because it's funneee.

i am open to feedback on how awkward the comic design is.
@Smiffy SMF <3: i just check his profile every now and then
mostly to see if he ever gets around to updating his cyoas
ted... but angrier?
i don't get it, sorry.
the arms come out a little high but otherwise this is incredible, holy shit.
@TheJGamer: you applied as co-author for explanation unnecessary, which he posts on constantly
should've just had Kaizen transform into his ultra meta super duper saiyan form and delete the entire comic
good art (better than my lyle in cube sector edits, surely) but could always use some improvements:
* handle of the gun should be shown, at least behind the left hand.
* the right arm looks like it's been stuck onto the shirt rather than being a part of it, due to the outline "cap" at the left end. optimally it should blend into the shirt near said "cap".
* pants should be more than just two pant legs- unless ted is wearing a long shirt that conceals the part where the pant legs meet.
* foot stances are sending mixed signals, not sure if he's in midair or not. the angle of the right foot is a bit odd.

here's a cruddy doodle that fixes these specific problems, just to give an idea as to what it looks like:

also, the shading is a bit inconsistent- hands are both shaded, but the head is not. i couldn't convey this through my sketch.
looks like some poor sap's blue finger got glass shards in it
@TheJGamer: i'm not mad, don't worry. i don't mean to come off as passive-aggressive, it's just that this is a really good concept for a CYOA, and i actually want to do a similar take on it once there's no competition; but for now i just plan to go along with the ride. i hope i don't look like some kind of creep stalker either.
@TheJGamer: not to bother, but are you there yet?
i just couldn't tell if you were actually annoyed or if it was part of the act
calm it, i was kidding around
>ask the purple megaman what he's doing here.
just sent a sprite sheet! hopefully this will make the comic more exciting.
>the mettaurs call themselves "matteurs"