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High fiber cereal bars and people with blood type AB.
September 16th, 2012
omg sasha it's okay ;_; and ooh are you starting to experiment more with limited colour pallet? :O
I updated on time!!
Oh no my number of followers seems to have stagnated. Haha I apologize! I'm still working to improve on story telling I swear!
September 6th, 2012
I like how you do b/w art :O
LOL LOL the secret of almost any artist online just saying pwahaha
The prince would like to thank you for the compliment ohohoho ;]
Remember to subscribe so you don't miss updates!. :]
I actually updated on my scheduled submission date!
also if this doesn't win in any of the smackjeeves annual award categories I will flip tables.
I really love how subtle the animation is omggg
Hey guys, the updating schedule is a bit haphazard and inconsistent right now because I really want to knock out the intro and get the story rolling hehe. I apologize if the wonky updating is throwing you off!!
FOUND YOU ON SJ!! it's pochi ohoho. I like this background shot.
Backgrounds..take..forever to draw...-faints-
@Talim656: She's not a very nice queen is she hehe. Or a very nice mother for that matter!
OHOHOHO..did you guys miss me.

Trying to get back into the comic-drawing groove. I can't improve on paneling and story flow if I don't draw anything. T_T
Chubby animals 4 ever111
@blarasorous: LOL nah, although it's true that a lot of people have told me my narwhal resembles a snowman, so it's understandable lol.
@Sunny-Ray: Thank you so much! I really love fairy tales *_*
I really like how the green eyes just pop out due to the stark black and white pallet.
I will be trying to update once a week. Uploads will be on either Wed, Saturday, or Sunday. I hope that's not too sporadic or inconsistent. T_T

Feel free to comment and crit, I love feedback. :]