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His bum was cute!
Best page yet!
I feel so bad for Charmander :(
The king is always plotting, his life is a chess game.
You are not wrong, but i find it problematic that a society glorifies frantic parentality. Cuz the moment you’re not frantic you’re a bad parent, even if franticness is not in your personnality.
The way you color the sand is so subtle, when you think of your explanation of it, its all mesmerizing!
This is confusing!
Gotta love your cuiburns
You can hear the angel chorus!
Loving how real sized your women are.
Is it just me, or the art style went up!
One direct lady!
Ha! Thanks for keeping us on the burner!
Transmitting diseases is what we are!
Reeks of irony indeed :3
Every page is a work of art really. All the attention to detail, the beautiful layout and the teastains. Truly a high quality comic!
Nooooo! Not the teacup :'(
That little crying head XD, sorry~