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Jack: why does everyone think i'm white
Otto you can do it I believe in you
This is giving me chills. Great writing of a terrible scene
Oh, poor Otto!
Awwwwwwwww it's will and sonia Awwwwwwww
I'm sorry I just had a feel attack
I'm banking on Assok being the remnants of the last hero. Or maybe eating the X stunted his growth?
So I just had a thought that someone's probably already had -- RGB refers to Assok as 'the past' in contrast to Hero being 'the present'
and on the last page Hero mentions that Heroes Wear Green.
So what if assok is the green sock (amour) of the last Hero RGB brought here? The story implies there's been more than one. That's why he has no sound -- he's an empty sock, missing the person he shapes himself around.
Might just be random blathering but--
NOooooooooooooo not social interaction!
*crawls into corner and dies*
That-that's the most adorable inscription ever. Awwww!
That's really intriguing, and I think I find the fear of being a victim more interesting than the standard 'fear of becoming your father/enemy.
It looks like RGB is turning his color knob to camouflage himself! Cool!
Ah! I just commented on the other page and then this one was up! Awww that is so cute!
I'm trying to guess the logic behind the name here, as I'm pretty sure Saturn (the God) is the Roman God of Time, and the only things I remember about Saturn (the planet) are that it has a ring and is the lightest member of our Solar System.
Oh and it's the next largest gas giant after Jupiter, so maybe he's thinking of a connection there? Excited for his explanation!
This is really interesting because in most sci-fi stories with advanced robots they're usually too "advanced" and "logical" to care about petty mortal things like love, dancing and marriage. I think it's cool that Jupiter is super advanced and smart but also loves society and people and affection in general.
I kinda wonder what she expects from him, seeing as he's a robot and all. She does know he's a robot and can't reproduce right?
I also love how your chapter titles alternate between themes of "man and machine" and other titles. I'm waiting for 'Man versus Machine'
I love how the robot heads turn so sharply and quickly, unlike humans. Why waste time moving slowly?
I love his cracked eye!
Evil Alien robot turns against humanity after hundreds of years of service! Police baffled by strange behavior!
Jupiter uses glowing shield! But it Failed!