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Wahoo friends
My littlest sister got picked to play the saxophone at school.
@wolfknight: Well the doctor i saw about it for a few years thought it was either Arthritis or Hyper Mobility Syndrome. The latter can cause your muscles to get stretched and not hold the joints together properly. Causing them to dislocate easily, but I still don't have a formal diagnosis.
I hope this really long comment helped :)
It's just easier to say Arthritis as people tend to know more about it.
There are times when you're hungry and you think that you can eat way more than you actually can. That happened to me today.
@Cassanthia: I'm glad that you found it funny. Good luck with your comic.
My mum has a taste in music that's vastly different to everyone else in the family. My dad, younger sisters and I all love rock and my mum likes pop and opera.
@Kayla5927: Arthritis makes you feel it even if you aren't.
It's not technically a real story, but I get very sentimental about plants. Probably in the way people get about their pets.
@Kayla5927: I think everyone feels like this at least once in their life.
@Kayla5927: Ahhhhhh! It's so beautiful! *cries* I really love it. Thank you for spending the time to make something on little old me. :D
@Kayla5927: Is a turkey with no wings or legs. Usually we buy one because it's smaller so there isn't as much waste.
Getting mocked by an eight year old. XD
A bad day
Sometimes you try really hard to look good and in control and the world does it's best to work against you.
She sounds a lot like my younger sister here.
The way you've drawn the trees makes the leaves/blossom look so soft.
I love the colour scheme that you've used so far.
My Dad wanted a full turkey because he likes the leg meat.

Christmas has come and gone yet again...
First page! :3
So here it is the first page.
This was the first comic page I drew that I liked.