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Tactful assault
23 years old gas station supervisior and semi pro overwatch gamer. I used to follow the site years ago but had to stop. Now here I am, looking for some intertainment.
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Crunchyroll users gave it 4.9 out of 5 stars
Unfortunately we can relate here in America, as there have been quite a few twats in recent days
Huuuuuuh.... Interesting....
Let us hope that we can handle it
Also happy (early) new year averyone
Nice Santa hat
Nice effects :)
Torches! Get your torches!
Pitchforks! Get your pitch forks! Can't be an angry mob without pitchforks!
I was under the assumption that when you took over a creature with the hat they got the mustache as well? I could be wrong, haven't played it and just trying to remember the trailer...
Beautifully drawn and hits me right in the feelz
I've been thinking about getting this game for awhile now, would you recommend it as a competitive multiplayer?
(I'm a little behind) and this one is for all my homies
He can be used as a shield breaker but his 250 health bar will be his downfall, otherwise I can see people just using him for his ult
Ironically I'm going through the same thing as I'm reading this
Don't bite the hand that pats you
I would say it's good she quit
That's quite the favor
Cmon now it's always the healers fault, Even if it's not really their fault
Can i come with to Germany? (Ive always wanted to go)
Also have you ever considered doing some sort of fundraising or Patron or something?
@Daz Keaty: short skirt with jeans, it will catch on.
I recognize that valhalla reference anywhere x)