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My name is Hannah, I love to draw, bake and sew. Not much about me really. I hope to put out a comic worth looking at.

I am still working on the perfect comic and perfecting my art style!

My DeviantArt page is >>>>>

In case you wanna check out more of my works.
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Not the best, but I hope I get better at this as I go.
not the real comic yet, but plan to do these cute numbers in-between them.
He is a creature that meant no ill harm, I understand he did wrong, but at the same time I get the concerns. >///<
September 29th, 2015
I hope they don't get caught in any
sticky act. I have a bad feeling about this! x.x
Take your time! This story is so worth the wait! :D
What a poor guy! D:
Yes I am finally catching up after losing my password! :D

I am excited to see what happens next!
Poor guy!! GET CONTROL! D:
Such a small form of defending Hemu. It's not enough people see him as good. It's even sadder that race is still a conflict. Good pages! I am enjoying the emotions displayed on their faces and none taken toward the cursing as it is in context for the story! :D
I have been there before and done that so I understand her perfectly well xD
I love this comic! I am glad it was updated~ :D
I am loving how intense this is getting! I am glad one thing is resolved and getting a new story! So happy!
I am really enjoying your comic! It is very cute! :D
@mika the popcorn: I am an older reader who made a new account! I wasn't sure or not xD
Was this comic re-done? I am so confused xD
I am digging the coloring here so much now and I like the idea that someone else can see the magic and she is a girl! Girls dig unicorns xD
This looks very nice, I can wait to to see what you got! :D
This looks promising! I am counting on you! ^^
Should just date already xD
She is such a bold girl.