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I produce the webcomic The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! at I am a cartoonist, animator, and writer living in Los Angeles.
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And, on THAT fairly ominous note…

Folks… I’ve taken a good look at my money situation, and concluded I MUST devote whatever spare time I have outside of my dayjob right now to fixing it.

(Ultimately, said money troubles are the reason the comic has been updating so sporadically, and I cannot fix the update the schedule until I fix the underlying problem. Logic. Bleh.)

I hate to do this, but The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob is taking an… extended break. I was going to say “indefinite hiatus,” but that sounds much too final. I want and intend to come back to the comic, but that simply can’t happen until I stabilize things. Hopefully that will only be a matter of months. Hopefully.

I’m a very stubborn man. Barring catastrophe, I will be back.

And I think leaving in the middle of a story arc like this is a good thing, because it gives me proper incentive to return.

Until then (for however long this may take), after thirteen years, thank you. All of you. Thank you so much for emails and encouragement (I answered most, but I know that I missed answering some and I’m very sorry; believe me, I read what you sent and I’m so grateful), and thank you for just reading and enjoying the comic. I hope it has spoken to you or just made your day a little brighter.

Please check in from time to time to see when I’ll be back. Till then, the Archives with Bob, Jean, Molly, Volly, and Golly will be waiting for you. And one bright day, sooner rather than later I hope, there will new updates here again.

(and in the meantime, hey, if you want to help, buy a book! Buy your friend a book! Give it a review online! See the uselful links at the bottom of this page!)
@Remote Host: AHHHHH! Hand-lettering shouldn't have typos!

Thank you for spotting that. It's fixed. Hooray for Photoshop.
@Guest: I miss Paul Lynde! :)
Thus endeth the prologue!
It’s… an update! Do those happen any more? Wow!

I actually had this strip mostly finished a week ago. Then, in the real world… Trump let the Turks invade Syria to massacre the Kurds, and to free the ISIS soldiers we’d captured, and the TV news started showing images of plumes of smoke rising from desert cities not too different from my first panel, and I didn’t have the heart to post it.

But my story needs to progress. So.

Everybody please remember to vote on November 5. Please. It matters so much these days.
Thank you, Ross_Originals and Flibbertigibbet!
Well, my trip to L.A. went well. I completed a strong little presentation piece that Rick can show to to folks with money, and hopefully said moneyed folks will throw some money at it so that we can produce some animation. That would be wonderful.

After getting back, I put in a bunch of time at my dayjob, and then got sick on my days off. Pbbt… I’m off this Sunday and Monday and plan to spend that time drawing, dang it! Drawing! Because I’m a drawer of things! Like socks! I am a drawer of socks! no wait...
@maarvarq: Welcome to the new site! Glad to have you here!
@Too Old To Be Cool: As good a translation as any! :)
Sept. 7, 2019
Hi all. I’m very sorry for having been absent for so long. I’ve just been working a crazy number of hours at a job that leaves me very physically tired when I get home. What little time I have around the edges these days has been taken up with other, necessary life stuff, or just with recuperating. I am *trying* to fix my overall situation to provide more time for things like my main artistic outlet here, but t’ain’t easy. Thank you all deeply for your patience (You’re reading this, so I assume you’ve been patient; if you’re *not* reading it, well it doesn’t matter too much what I say. Cauliflower axolotl flibbertigibbet sock.).

This coming week, I’m going to be heading back to my old stomping grounds in L.A. — specifically, my friend Rick Solomon’s Animate For the Cel Of It Productions studio in Burbank — to try and get a Bob-related animated project off the ground. Which will be very very exciting *if* it becomes a thing. Wish me luck!
"The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!" website's spiffy new redesign comes courtesy of Indigo Ink Solutions at

Thank you so much, Meredith!
Um? Not cool in the "that's an awful pun" sense, or in the "that's offensive somehow" sense? I... would rather hope I'm at liberty to put obnoxious characters in my comic upon occasion.

The daughter, btw, is "Sore beset," Sorbeset, implying her home life is, as we see, not an easy one.
@Too Old To Be Cool: The art teacher guy with the "Yes, I see" catchphrase.
Thank you all for the feedback! And for your patience. Hopefully the revision won't take too awfully much longer.

I actually have the next strip inked and lettered, I just need to get it scanned, cleaned up, and composited. Been working a heavy schedule at the dayjob, till yesterday when a bug hit me like a ton of bricks; I'm trying to shake it as quickly ass possible because I've got an important trip coming next week.

And TOTBC, Jansen says hi!
Please pardon the webpage for still looking wonky. It is undergoing renovations as we speak.
Well, Brian, you're on the right track!...
As you can see (assuming you're viewing this shortly after I've posted it), the comic's webpage is currently undergoing reconstruction even as we speak! So exciting! I've wanted to revamp the look of the comic's page forever, so I'm really looking forward to the finished version of this!
@Formedras: Sorry about that, Formedras. Again, thank you for the feedback about the sizing, and I will pass that along.

I always wondered what a comment section would be like. Um... Yeah, I'll try not to get people's names wrong again! Sorry! Sorry to you too, Aristidus Twain!
So, this strip had of course already appeared on the backup site ( ), but it is the next one in order so it makes sense to put it here. Frazzowtch!
@Too Old To Be Cool: Oh I shall! Always glad to hear from you, sir!
Thank you. I will pass that along.
Howdy folks! Yes, I'm quite excited about the comment boxes!

Not so much about the shrinkage. I think I can fix that. My friend Meredith has promised to help me redesign this page, and I said I would get my list of what I wanted off to her before the end of this week. So, soon hopefully.

Or... Aristidus Twain, were you talking about shrinking it to fit your screen as a good thing, as in smart phone compatibility? In that case, I want to keep that! Sigh, web design has never been my strong suit... Suffice it that on my wide-screen desktop computer, it's showing up kinda shrunken right now.