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@evilnidhogg: Yikes, just imagine swarms of those popping out from the skulls-ashes cliff they're on. ...I'm really glad that's not going to happen because that would be freaky xD
Happy Hanukkah!
Just a heads up that there will not be an update until Dec. 17th, when 3 pages will be uploaded.

In the next couple weeks as those pages are prepared, I will be posting extra comics on my main tumblr: Pop over now to check out the bonus comics and sketches already up!
@Sanmari: Da da da DAAAN!
@SpazztastiKim: Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear it turned out well :)
@WiispNightmare: Haha thank you! :)
Just a quick note: my YA fantasy, The Changeling’s Fortune, is FREE on Kindle until the 20th, to celebrate the upcoming sequel! Read it for free here:

Also, I’ve missed drawing clouds. Especially mysterious underground dark clouds of mystery.
@Guest: Haha been there!
We update every Monday :)
@Kallee: Those games were discontinued for many reasons.... he's definitely one of them!
@Guest: He would never admit it!
@Kallee: He should totally be in one of those fighting games sometime.
@Guest: Worst type of storm ever...
@Guest: Dun dun DUUUN!
@Kallee: Thank you so much! :) Knowing you are enjoying it is really motivating for me <3
@Guest: There is Chateau Romani in Majora's Mask, which is supposedly quite strong...exactly how strong is never precisely said.
@Kallee : Oh my gosh I'm dying XD
@Guest: Amen!
@Kallee: Birdodorf is so beautiful~ XD
@Kallee: lol Exactly right!
@Kallee: His conscience won't quite let him!
@Guest: Suddenly the battle music begins!