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Update 2 of 2!

Since next weekend is going to be extra busy for me and take me away from my tablet, next week’s comic will either be up on Wednesday or the following Monday (5/11), though I’m really aiming for the former date. Fingers crossed!
Update 1 of 2 for today!

The update today is later than normal because I've never had a page with so many little errors that I didn't spot until the last minute! I wonder if there's an acceptable plot twist to destroy Ganondorf's sword and never let him get another one, so I won't have to worry about accidentally drawing it in his left hand...

Also, Ganondorf’s scabbard didn’t mysteriously vanish; he put it in his magical lil’ pack. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
@eggdestroyer666: Oh my gosh thank you! I'm thrilled to hear you like it! And I hope you continue to enjoy it. And you have a lovely day, too! :)
@KristieKay: Aww thank you so much! That means a lot :) I hope you continue to enjoy it!
(Before anyone mentions it...I do know that the Dead Hand generally has like 4 hands sticking out when you first enter the room. My scarred childhood self who first played OoT will not let me forget.)
@dutchguy1986: Haha you're the first person to catch that! :)
And he can float around wherever he pleases, apparently...
There was going to be another comic before the last chapter ended, but it didn't quite work out. C'est la vie!
@artofjoe: About 11 or 12, just as old as Link.
@A Quiet Fan: Yep, the same! And that makes sense!
So in Breath of the Wild, I found that freakishly large horse whose mane and tail are the same color as a certain villain’s hair.

So I caught the horse and named him Gan-Gan. And now he can trample my enemies! (Once he stops trying to bite me, anyways)

And the fact that “Gan-Gan” looks a lot like “Gran-Gran” is just a bonus.
@Koal: No worries; it happens!
@Kunarion: Thank you! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying it :)
@Eeveeisthebest: Haha, not yet! Not nearly that far into the game yet. I bet it's something!
Comic 2 of 2 for today.

Last week while sick, I managed to finally play some Breath of the Wild (which is AWESOME), and I just love all the nutso things you can get Link to do. I already lost count of how many times I got him killed…poor blighter!
Comic 1 of 2 for today.

Thank you to everyone who wished me good health last weekend! I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better :)
@Florance: I've done (and still am doing) my mythology and anthropology courses and studies; I understand what you're discussing.

Anyways, since the Zelda games have a mix of so many different culture, myth, etc. influences, I figure it is up to each author of a fan project to decide how much to use or not use Judaeo-Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or Shinto or other cultures/religions and their values that are alluded to at some point throughout the game series.

So in short, I've already done research on the religions and cultures involved in the game series and set up a framework for the religions in my Zelda fanwork, including the basic religious attitude towards sex, marriage, romance, fertility, etc. And you or other authors may do things very differently, drawing from certain values more than I do. But I've already made up my mind about the religious systems and values, and I don't plan on changing what I've set up; I'm sticking to my framework in order to make (hopefully) consistent decisions in my story. And that's all there is to it.

And just in case you're trying to start a debate of some kind (though you may not be), please know that any future attempt to strike up an argument will be ignored. It's not you; I decided a couple years ago to not get wrapped up in any online debates due to the time they tend to eat up, and I try to limit my time online for many reasons.
If you don't like how I'm doing things in my comic for any reason, I'm sure there are plenty of other comics that will meet your criteria :)
@Koal: Oh well! :)
@Florance: Growing up in a rural community, yep, he knows of it. However, how the information is shared/how it is treated/the attitude people have will vary based on each society, and then based on the town/region, and then based on the family. For instance, consider a non-religious Seattle 12-year-old in public school vs. a 12-year-old in an isolated and very religious village in, say, Nepal. They're both the same age, going through similar things, learning new things...but what they are taught/how they are taught/the attitudes of those around them will be different. Therefore, it is not necessarily the case that all 12-year-olds/middle schoolers in general "know all about sex."
And yes...I'm probably taking this much too seriously :) But as a writer I always try to not use our modern, 21st century secular Western expectations of behavior and knowledge as the default for societal norms/knowledge/etc. in all my stories. If all writers did that, stories would have very little variety in character/culture/etc.!
….I had a lot of fun drawing this one.

Happy Christmas Eve!
@WiispNightmare: So I knew you were referring to wolf puppies, but still the first thing that popped to my mind was "Oh my gosh if Link had one of those, that'd be REALLY WEIRD" XD