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I think the memory in this page beautifully captures just how subtle Link is.
@Brass: Thank you very much! Glad to hear it. I hope you continue to enjoy it! :)
@Sarah: Aww thank you! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it!
Haha yes, looking at the games from that perspective was a huge inspiration :)
This page was also kind of an excuse to listen to remixes of the Stone Tower Temple theme (which is awesome by the way).
The important thing is that he tried. And that he doesn't do it ever again.

...I get the feeling he had the same thing happen with his fairy when he tried to crack a joke/make a pun with her.
I knew Link's hands were small but I never realized just how small until now.
A fun moment here was realizing I knew how to spell "dodongo" correctly off the top of my head (yet I can't seem to stop spelling "Gerudo" as "Gerudro" or whatever. Weird).
@evilnidhogg: I snort-laughed when I read your comment XD Perfect!
@egg: Haha yes! You're one of the only people who caught that :)
Update 2 of 2 for today!

I wish I had more time for this one, mostly because boes really are pretty dang cute.
While I was drawing this, I realized that CD-I Zelda jokes are probably kinda old...but it was going to pop up in the comic inevitably, and there was no stopping it, because for some reason I still find those dreadful games funny. But this will be the only time they appear, because more than once and they might cause the comic characters to go insane.

Update 1 of 2 for today!
@rervin2: Haha yes! You're the only one to spot it so far! And yep, those things are freaky; I can't count how many nightmares they've given me! Though apparently they're not so nutty as to go after a boy hero with bombs and giant rock-crushing hammers...
Update 2 of 2!

Since next weekend is going to be extra busy for me and take me away from my tablet, next week’s comic will either be up on Wednesday or the following Monday (5/11), though I’m really aiming for the former date. Fingers crossed!
Update 1 of 2 for today!

The update today is later than normal because I've never had a page with so many little errors that I didn't spot until the last minute! I wonder if there's an acceptable plot twist to destroy Ganondorf's sword and never let him get another one, so I won't have to worry about accidentally drawing it in his left hand...

Also, Ganondorf’s scabbard didn’t mysteriously vanish; he put it in his magical lil’ pack. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
@eggdestroyer666: Oh my gosh thank you! I'm thrilled to hear you like it! And I hope you continue to enjoy it. And you have a lovely day, too! :)
@KristieKay: Aww thank you so much! That means a lot :) I hope you continue to enjoy it!
(Before anyone mentions it...I do know that the Dead Hand generally has like 4 hands sticking out when you first enter the room. My scarred childhood self who first played OoT will not let me forget.)
@dutchguy1986: Haha you're the first person to catch that! :)
And he can float around wherever he pleases, apparently...
There was going to be another comic before the last chapter ended, but it didn't quite work out. C'est la vie!
@artofjoe: About 11 or 12, just as old as Link.