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@Nevalone: Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm thrilled to hear you are enjoying it :)
And so ends the chapter!

And just a note that there will not be a comic this next week because I really need that time for (hopefully) finishing with cleaning up the older, messier strips and also doing planning for the upcoming dungeon’s appearance/layout. But we’ll be back to normal the week after!
Let's just say I learned a lot while trying to do those first two panels all in one day (today) and leave it at that. There's always next time!
@artofjoe: I started reading it, but I have yet to finish it. I will post a review when I'm done :)
I’m pretty sure they’ll just start calling him “Dork” soon when its just the two of them hanging out….we’ll see….

So a few days ago, I published my first (readable) novel, No Longer Hidden, on Amazon, and I am SO excited! If you like fairy tales, fantasy, romance, adventure, or Vikings (or maybe all the above), I hope that you take a look! (And it is registered with KDP, so it is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited!)

You can find it here:

And while there isn’t a print version available yet, there should be one in a week or so. Print formatting is really odd…there is so much that can go wrong!

Have a great week, everyone!
@artofjoe: Let me help you out! Could you link me to the book? :)
@Neolancer: It's all Link's fault that the amount of puns in my life have increased so much. When I had to create a list of "Links to this Comic" on another website yesterday, I nearly started crying because there was no way to avoid it. Heehee!
I’m excited to be drawing Zelda again~!

So that book release I mentioned last week is coming up on the 7th this week! I am STOKED! It has magic and witches and monsters, oh my! And Viking princesses who are strong without ever having to pick up an axe. I’ll mention (and link to) it next Sunday, too, just because I am so ready to share this book with the world!
Happy Easter~!
@rervin2: You're too kind! Glad to hear you're enjoying it! :)
@artofjoe: I've had similar questions! And I'm going to be addressing/making fun of his lack of hand-to-hand combat skills...eventually.
@artofjoe: Not quite; I wanted her to be a unique villain, separate from Veran. But I did base her design partially off of Veran's design :)
Happy New Year!
@Djoing: Fixed it! Thank you! :)
While this isn't the last page for this chapter, next week there will not be an update; I am going to be writing up the scripts for the next dozen comics or so instead. These past few ones were way harder than they needed to be because the scripts I wrote for them weren't well done and had to be re-done several times. I want to avoid that happening again...

So please look forward to the next page on the 18th!
@artofjoe: That is such a sweet thing to say! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it so much :) And who knows, maybe someday it will be...
I don't know why the king would listen to someone who looks so obviously evil....but no one ever said these people were very genre-savvy.
@artofjoe: Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it :)
Update 2 of 2 today.
Update 1 of 2 today.