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a Yaoi Lover and Grammar Checker. All these comics get my head dizzy and I have bad memory, so I might ask about things sometimes, k?

Avatar is from R.U. Screwed by Kimmikala (specifically ch3pg20)

6/14 EDIT: It seems I made ppl mad somehow??? Aaaaaaaaa Sorry, sorry!

New Phrase for Me: If you can't talk about the subject in more than two sentences, do NOT comment on the subject.
Alternatively: You must be able to say three sentences about the subject before saying something off-subject.

4/1 EDIT: My Birthday is April 1st/Fool's Day, so if I say 'Birthday Joke' everywhere, just know that that's what I call April Fool's Day pranks. It's shorter, anyway. I'm not trying to say you did the prank specifically for my Birthday or anything. I don't think that highly of myself, haha.
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Idea: Brand makes his human disguise really ugly to embarrass our MC in front of his friends

But this is a BL, so I doubt that'd happen, haha.
SU-style Fusion, mayhaps??

Well that would definitely sound cool, anyway.
Wish there was an other option under the pronounciation bc i would totally answer 'with a vaguely french accent'. I'm not french, just took 2 years and got obsessed with pronouncing things in a similar way, haha
Wonder if it's a Killer Pikachu...
The 'moving water' weakness, right?
@jayseesall: I was just about to say that!
Last page I was wondering where the trainers were, and now here they are..
oh man, who's this??? *hyped*
That banner needs an update. Our MC looks like he has actually red skin.
@EmilyAnnCoons: Not TCG, you would have to reprint cards, lol.

It's a battling tier in showdown, a pokemon simulator game
@EmilyAnnCoons: It's a Pokemon tier where pretty much everything is allowed within a few clauses
Something akin to balanced hackmons mayhaps?
Oh no, poor Midoriya...

Holy crud fire tho, damn. Help ur friend!
The awkwardness is palpable, dang.
omg, Joa's faux-mohawk (or whatever that's called) looks cute!
Oh poor Blueberry...
@angryskitty: Huh, i didnt get an alert about your reply. Glad I gave you an idea though, haha.
Oh, that's cool! So his wristbands double as his wallet? Is that some sort of protection against thieves on the road?
Ah, we finally get a look at what she fed him!

Lots of mashed potatos, huh? I like those too
He was such a good friend bc he was in love with u, dude!