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ZHODY the delfinator
a Yaoi Lover and Grammar Checker. All these comics get my head dizzy and I have bad memory, so I might ask about things sometimes, k?

Avatar is from R.U. Screwed by Kimmikala (specifically ch3pg20)

6/14 EDIT: It seems I made ppl mad somehow??? Aaaaaaaaa Sorry, sorry!

New Phrase for Me: If you can't talk about the subject in more than two sentences, do NOT comment on the subject.
Alternatively: You must be able to say three sentences about the subject before saying something off-subject.

4/1 EDIT: My Birthday is April 1st/Fool's Day, so if I say 'Birthday Joke' everywhere, just know that that's what I call April Fool's Day pranks. It's shorter, anyway. I'm not trying to say you did the prank specifically for my Birthday or anything. I don't think that highly of myself, haha.
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Eyy, Snorlax

and I definitely hate head-guy even more now *shudders*

Haha, i loved this page!!
Aww, he's islolated himself just like me...
"I don't want you make you..."

im sure that first 'you' was supposed to be a 'to'...
@Tehpikachu: I said HIM bc i thought she was calling our resident blue boy a thief. I know Myu's pronouns
Oof, that's some pain in his eyes...
wait, when did he steal things?
Awwwwwww *points at avatar*
Eyy, the Author of Adventure Club and... (I forgot what the Hoeen one was called...)

a fine Birthday Joke, haha
OMGEEEEE, this is the best Birthday Joke I've seen so far!
@AgentNein: welcome back then!
uhh, is this a Birthday Joke or somethin'...?
@lewarriorstar: Ooof, i hope not...
Does she think he's lying? Ooof
oh hey, one of those cats looks very Nightfury-like...
Oh, Smash Bros style?