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ZHODY the delfinator
a Yaoi Lover and Grammar Checker. All these comics get my head dizzy and I have bad memory, so I might ask about things sometimes, k?

Avatar is from R.U. Screwed by Kimmikala (specifically ch3pg20)

6/14 EDIT: It seems I made ppl mad somehow??? Aaaaaaaaa Sorry, sorry!

New Phrase for Me: If you can't talk about the subject in more than two sentences, do NOT comment on the subject.
Alternatively: You must be able to say three sentences about the subject before saying something off-subject.

4/1 EDIT: My Birthday is April 1st/Fool's Day, so if I say 'Birthday Joke' everywhere, just know that that's what I call April Fool's Day pranks. It's shorter, anyway. I'm not trying to say you did the prank specifically for my Birthday or anything. I don't think that highly of myself, haha.
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Can't wait to see a Diglett climb into Pelipper, lol
@Dusty: Oh I'm not just stopping by. *settles in one of the permanent audience seats*
Guess im caught up. Cool
Was Cass' shirt planned to look like bandages here...? It just seemed weird to me, lol
*voice acts the boys screaming and laughs*
RIP Mantyke
@pkmnMasterWheeler: *finally looks back*

ah, the ol' autism slowness strikes again. I truly am a Slowpoke
*suddenly spots the weird red line on the right edge*
inb4 toivo gets called a thief by a third party walking in
OMG, I love it, Impidimp instead of 'devil'!! I love seeing well-known phrases slightly edited in world building!!
"some guy", lol
I'm getting really annoyed that sj marks every page of this comic as unread when I click on the page. It's such a weird glitch!
For some reason I keep reading Arceus as Arcadia and it's freaking me out! My brain keeps jumping to conclusions as I'm reading, I guess.
When the last page came out I read it like that and thought that was Mewtwo's name for a second, heh.
oh man, that's heckin hot!
omg, i love that slam, lool
ah, here's the blood warning!
just push it in, dude...
*rates this page bc i like it v much*