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a Yaoi Lover and Grammar Checker. All these comics get my head dizzy and I have bad memory, so I might ask about things sometimes, k?

Avatar is from R.U. Screwed by Kimmikala (specifically ch3pg20)

6/14 EDIT: It seems I made ppl mad somehow??? Aaaaaaaaa Sorry, sorry!

New Phrase for Me: If you can't talk about the subject in more than two sentences, do NOT comment on the subject.
Alternatively: You must be able to say three sentences about the subject before saying something off-subject.

4/1 EDIT: My Birthday is April 1st/Fool's Day, so if I say 'Birthday Joke' everywhere, just know that that's what I call April Fool's Day pranks. It's shorter, anyway. I'm not trying to say you did the prank specifically for my Birthday or anything. I don't think that highly of myself, haha.
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(Deviantart says the picture you linked to doesn't exist.)

This guy is weird, talking about idioms to himself. Him saying twink made me laugh though, haha
Wait, what occured?
what's ur twitter tho? It's not linked on ur profile

Love the awkward joke in the page, btw~
Is his potential career going to be a teacher?
Looks like Photobucket hit you site hard, haha. Might wanna try imgur maybe? I dunno, I don't store a lot of images.
It looks like he's absolutely towering over everybody in that first panel and I for one am terrified of a tall Wallis.
It's been too long, who the heck is Hobo again?
Oh no, he said the same thing I did!

Anyway, looks like I'm all caught up! Looking forward to seeing the rest!
and leave that sweet truck behind??
Randal, because he needs a terrible name.
Is there no scrollover text or is it just me?
...Why do I feel like there's gonna be a fight with some other vampires fighting Joa (hopefully very far in the future) and finding out about his human boyfriend through those pictures...?
Bailey looks so pissed, I love it
I just read this out loud as a joke and it was fun.