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I'm just a lazy-eyed writer with far too much time on her hands. XP
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Whew! Tablet fixed! :D Now, before we go any further, I just wanted to apologize for drawing this in the traditional Japanese manga format, I tried drawing it American style, but it just didn't feel natural too me, so I apologize if you guys are not used to this style. One never fully grows out of being Weeaboo Trash, I guess. :B Anyway, Happy Christmas!
Oh look, another page! And it didn't take four months to post it! yaaaaay
Sorry about the stupidly long delay! I hadn't had expected to be gone for so long, and I am sorry for that. :c

I'm also sorry for the text, If you have trouble reading it, let me know and I try to fix it to the best of my ability. Welp, later!
First page is out! :D
I'm not entirely used to drawing backgrounds, so I didn't expect to get this page done so quickly. :3

Now as for the scheduling issue, I plan on updating every SUNDAY if possible, however if I can't update on Sunday then you can probably expect pages on FRIDAY, SATURDAY, (or if things get REALLY crazy) on MONDAY.

Thats all I got for now, TTFN~
@suchasillyfairy: You'll just have to wait and see for now...

(Also, thank yew. TwT)
Great origin story! Can't wait for more!
Aaaand thats it for the prelude!

I can't say when the next pages will be up; I have a bit of an irregular schedule so I can't really give an Eta, but rest assured that I am working on it!

Hola! This is the prelude; the beginning of the beginning! There are two more pages after this,then from there it'll be nothing but story!

Oh, I should mention that I don't actually have first chapter done just yet, so after the prelude there won't be anymore pages for a little while. Just so ya know~
I see what you did there~
Gosh Dangit Kenji, Y U so cute??

Oh wait, we haven't met. *Ahem* I am the One-Eyed Writer, but you can call me O-EW (its just easier) and this is my first webcomic. I very much hope you'll enjoy it, 'cuz its gonna be one hell of a ride for the both of us!
Bad Pun
I'd say he's a real CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK.

@qazox: Hey look...You gave a damn. XD