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It's okay, H0ly. I'm a Megatokyo fan, so you know I understand.
@ChaosSorceror_Davidicus: No! Bellossom all the way! I mean, Venus already loves to dance anyway.
How do you even press B in the anime world??
@Syntras: ... So, what you're saying is, Oddish should happens to be a terrible sadist who enjoys causing other Pokemon harm, and this just conveniently happens to coincide with the Pokemon Atticus wants it to defeat anyway?
Honestly, given what we know about her collecting habits, George being the owner of a bunch of super rare Pokemon kind of makes sense.
@troblsomtwins829: She's around the same age as Atticus. So 14-15.

And I want that first panel framed so much. Both of them are just...
@catbow: That's true, but also take into account that if you accidentally KO a wild Pokemon you get the EXP without being able to catch them. That probably happens a fair amount of times. And that's also setting aside trainer battles, which I think she's fairly experienced with.
Fully expecting George to completely trash him. I mean, she probably became a trainer when she was ten, and she's Atticus's age, so she's got four or five years of experience already. Sure, we've seen her with a plain old Pidgey, but that doesn't mean she only has low-level Pokemon. Pid-Pid might just be more like a favored pet, or that one weak Pokemon you switch out to gain EXP. And we saw that she has lots of Pokemon in her boxes.

I'll bet she's actually a really strong trainer with a lot of badges.
Why does it feel like Atticus is channeling David Mitchell in that second panel...?
@WiispNightmare: ... That's what I said.
@Takeshre: It's just a cloud of smoke hovering over a guy with bad posture.
A good place to train and take your mind off things, eh? George, what kind of "training" are you talking about here?
Is playing in construction sites a common thing for George to do? Because that could explain some things.
In this episode of Mokepon dastardly member of Team Rocket Atticus Brent adds deliberate pollution of the world's oceans to his growing list of crimes.
@The_mad_one: Gabe is Gary confirmed!
@H0lyhandgrenade No, H0ly, you're wrong! All of them need to have spiky hair! All of them!
@andwhyisit: They can still get off at a different port and return home via land. Or they can use Fly or Surf or even Teleport.
@RazorD9: What do you call the big hole in the wall caused by the battle?
And there we have it. Gabe as Champion is finally confirmed.
@An Innocent Bystander: No, we weren't.

What an anti-climactic insult.