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I'm Karen and I'm a freelance artist.
Thank you for stopping by. :)
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@illumelnati: Thanks! Trying to make the art as simplified as possible haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it! >w<
@mikemacdee: Thank you!! I really enjoy over-the-top humor. Sometimes I get worried that people will find my humor silly for that very reason. xD

(The title is actually because of my inability to come up with titles, let alone my own internet handle! I wish I thought of something more unique. xD)
That wraps up the prologue!

I've decided to stop double posting and just continue on Tapastic because of its active reader base. ;w; Thank you for the support!
@CandySweet8931: Wow, thank you so much!! I'm so happy you liked the comic. ;w; And welcome to this site!
@castilloofficial: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the art style so far. Going for a semi-retro color scheme. ;w;
@Haru49: Thanks again! ;w;
@Haru49: Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed the first half of the prologue so far, even if it ended at a cliffhanger. xD
@punrai: Thank you so much for the very nice comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the quirkiness. ;w;
I hope the format isn't too awful for this's originally set up as a vertical comic so I'll try to adjust when I can. ;w;
@forgotten_cake: Thank you very much! ;w;