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That was literally the smoothest way to come out that a person has ever done.
HAH! Nope.
Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh no. He's probably going to wear those clothes. If he was real emo he would burn them and continue wearing his fabulous other clothes.
This is how you make friends. Awkward jokes to fill the tension filled silence and small grins as to not look like a weirdo but, they make you look weirder.
She's about to double cross them and sell them off!!!!!
That is what both Naima and Simon are really good at being alone, keeping their secrets. And Sergio's skill is poor lying, naivety, and poor deflection.
so is it Crazy or Clraz? It could also be Craz...
Her dream self keeps changing, like she's aging passed on the memories or something! That's so cool!
July 3rd, 2015
Im just pretty happy to see the update! I mean, this style is totally awesome and I don't mind the change! I also like how we now see a new side of our doctor, FANBOY STATUS!
June 22nd, 2015
thats what I feel this comic just took and I am totally okay with that!
HER?! 😱😱😱
May 23rd, 2015
He's finally out of there and getting ready to live his life! I hope you have fun on your vacation or whatever it is. Come back soon because I can't wait to see him go out and about with Rory! Especially clothes shopping or food shopping since Bird would have to interact with a lot of people.
Hiro! Your true princely status is showing! You are REALLY showing your true colors! YOU WERE MADE FOR THE ROLE OF POWER! I am so PROUD of you, baby!
JUST KISS ALREADY! I'm already ready in love with these characters and I can tell they are gonna have something deep together SO KISS!! DONT BE A TEASE!!
What are you going to do to her, Wesly??
Oh Wesly
please marry me! Your imagination, charm, and hint of ADHD is the most wonderful blend that I too have. I love this character to death!
That lil shit
Obviously that asshole needs a kick to the face!!
This is like one of his last real friends! The poor baby isn't sure he wants to deal with all this shit and yet he's being forced to. Not to mention he has to deal with the fact the girl he used to like is there! I just wanna hug him! Even Papa seems to have turned his back on him 😭
Last panel
i wanted him to be like: "Listen, you kinda gave me a boner and I can't just leave like this..."
May 16th, 2015
LOOK AT THOSE TATTOOS! TATTOOS ARE MY WEAKNESS! Oh, be still my beating heart! 😫😩