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@TucKiD: or 10th, never really saw him as a elementary schooler
Name: Jet Sleuth Tucker
Eevee Number: 20
Grades: 11th or 12th
Paragraph: Being in one of the higher grades in the school, Jet knows all the ins and outs. All the hidden passageways and spots to relax without being seen. He frequently abuses this power to find things out, most of the time helping out a little in-school private eye office that he helps out with. When he isn't working on stuff, he would typically be found just relaxing and listening to music for hours on end, or working on his homework, whichever is more important at the time. He has dreams of eventually becoming a detective and cracking down on major criminals and their ilk.
@Pinkeevee222: I am the owner :D I just didn't feel like signing in
@chimy19: Be on Jet's side and don't tell Archie
Mine craft skin thing
Dibs on one want me to pm you?