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Little boys in shorts and knee socks make Sora happy.
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Who took that? XD
Hey. This is Brie-Ann. Just sayin' hi. Good comic ^_^
I thought you'd like a real page better than a lame-o Christmas pic :p
Would've been done days sooner, but I got hooked on reading Hetalia, which is clearly the best thing ever. Also, Master was horrible to draw. He doesn't look right at all, but I got fed up trying to fix him and just posted the darn page. Other than that, I'm happy how I drew Will this time.
I'd like a review ^_^

Yay! I'm so glad you haven't given up on this! ^_^ I do love your comics.
Actually, I do know what's behind the mysterious door XD ...It's actually not very exciting, yet important to the plot ^^
There's a new page before this, if you missed it.

Haha. I just realized how horrible this looks. orz It's the floor layout for were the boys live. I think it helps to explain things a bit. The only computer is in the common area.
I have returned!
Sorry about the long hiatus. I was alternately depressed and busy with school :/
Anyway, I'm going to be inking and marker-ing this comic from now on. Hope that's okay with you. Let me know if the old way was better.

In this page, Will logs on to the computer they all share and decides to mess with Jake's dating sim, cause Will is kind of a jerk. He saves over Steve's file instead. He then decides to chat with his online friend, which he considers serious business XD I used all you lovely fans as Will's buddies ^_^ (this way, I'll also have a record of you people, so I'll know if you unfave! lol)
Replaced with inked 12/19/08
Replaced with inked version 12/19/08
As if you can't tell? :p
On Shinya's basement
I realize that Japanese house don't have basements. On the other hand, alot of anime show students hanging on the school roof, which typicaly isn't allowed irl. So, allow this bit of poetic license on my part. Let's pretend Shinya's parents had the house custom built. His dad's a video game designer for a company called RectanglePlaynext, btw. Yeah.
Looks cute! Favin'
Minoru (and I :P) lied about the dream eating method ^_^
Yeah, some how they fell asleep in the closet.
Honestly, I had this page mostly sketched since like April. I just needed to regain confidence to finish it.
Oh apparently, only the front of Minoru's hair shines, but not the back... lol

Pages 3&4 are now inked! They look spiffy, so go see them!
Inked version uploaded 12/17/08.
Replaced with inked version on 12/17/08.
Page replaced with inked version on 12/15/08.
That's the best you can say? XP j/k
I know the lack of updates is inexcusable. I was depressed all summer break and didn't do much of anything. Then school hit. But I'm free from school for a little while now and my passion for comics has been resparked. I've taken an art class at school, not that you can tell, but it did motivate me.

From now on, pages will be inked because you deserve better than what I've been putting out. In fact, while I will NEVER redraw my old pages, I am going to ink over the pencil on the old pics and replace them instead of deleting them and starting over. Hopefully tonight I have Page 2 re-upped (I lost pg. 1 >_>)so go check it out.

*nose bleed*

For all you Minoru/Shinya fans, I have the next real comic page half way done and it features our boys in color ^_^ I'm really excited about it!