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I'm pretty well fed for a starving artist!
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we use our hands not our feet Niiko
his daughter just wants her fathers time she's jealous
oh...or not lol
by golly i think she's got it!?
Hey guys!
Long time no update; sorry for being so flaky with updates, I would love nothing more than to move onto the next chapter and keep the story going but to be honest I fell into a slump with ANE over the past months and I needed to find my love for it again and unfortunately that came later rather than sooner. But updates will begin again soon I don't want to promise a schedule for them but just keep an eye out!

Follow us on Instagram to keep track @avatarnewera
Teens; very intimidating creatures
Show'em how it's done QuLin!!
i love that these are simple spells lmaoo
this mad scientist smile on her face is giving me life omg
now it's getting goood
the lighting in that third panel!! and love that subtle detail with the fire bender
looking forward to it!!
loving your playing with the cameras focus in the last two panels very cinematic
shes so cutee!!!
and that's when she knew it was over
girl...someone stole it mysterious and alluring; i can just hear their voice
well this is a pleasant surprise!! good to have ya back!
I know Niiko isn't talking about vest fashion choices lmaoo