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@Fairportfan: Well I found an awesome manga due to it so thank you :)
@Fairportfan: I just got away from that site and now the tabs are towering up >.<
@CatPerson: Just was my gut feeling of outfit requirements that would be problematic :p
However I gladly will take the credit for my guess being correct this time :)
I am going to take a random guess with the catch being about measurements and requiring less clothes than might otherwise be comfortable with. Could be to do with the underwear and such also since certain styles of dresses require certain underwear that is more concealed so to speak.
Either way it will be nice to see them all at the big night with a build up suspense surprise :p
Emily for queen, she needs the show of support :)
Also Randy for king, mostly due to I feel he doesn't get enough love (except for spit take hit target (I am remembering his main role correctly right?))
Granted I like the idea of Gavin and Rain that people want for stirring the pot >.< (I have no idea what it means but sounds awesome idea).
Hmm this page I kind of got completely distracted by the kiss in "That night..." panel ...
Did i miss anything? :p
March 1st, 2017
@ALittleSurprise: Honestly I think it is more a reaction from past negativity. I mean the last time I heard "That's not going to happen" was about stopping something negative so it isn't a villain or hero thing but just a strong stance against something.
Honestly I totally get stealth and such. If everything is sorted isn't really a need to bring it up, no need to cut ties and such but can at least move on.
February 15th, 2017
Moral of the story?
Friends are awesome
February 13th, 2017
@TallMist: I must confess I hate religions, most say they are about being decent and loving one another etc but when the truth of the matter comes up the religious schools tend to have a pretty hostile enviroment.
As someone who has gone to some christian schools, they were some of my most hostile enviroments for how others treated me student wise (and helped cement me as an atheist).
Wish they would practice what they preached but enough about religion, free hugs to Emily and Rain!
They need to be strong together here, they will get through it, just will take time for things to settle...
February 8th, 2017
Come on Drew, it is rude to cut Rob off before he got to the stork in the story of where babies come from ...
I can't help but feel with the name of the chapter and Ana being on the cover that she is going to be honest to Rain or the group in general about her past.
Granted it could be anything, I am just seeing the doughnut in the background too much making me think of the focus being it :p
February 3rd, 2017
@LittleLynn84: Hope you feel better soon.
January 25th, 2017
Yay for returning to 3 updates a week shortly! I must confess I had been wondering a bit about that but didn't want to be rude and ask, it will happen when it happens or it won't, at least Rain was still moving unlike some webcomics I like that have died off (and I am completely obsessed with overchecking anyway).

As for breast craziness from hormones (I am not a member of IBTC due to prefering to use breast and not boob or tit etc) I completely understand the desire for them to grow. My progress has been kind of bad since my hormones are low dose, not monitored really and who knows what is going on in that front. After multiple years of low dose hormones the buds are kind of not really progressing far but fat does get placed in the area so I have small breasts without progressive development.
While I wouldn't want to discourage Rain I would be worried that she might not have actual breasts by prom and might hurt her. She is strong but I worry she can also be fragile at times.
Anyway when she is finally rid of pads (or at least using for enhancing and not creating) I wonder how Gavin and Maria are going to react with fantasies when she actually can have low cut tops revealing actual breasts instead of covering for the sake of pads.
November 15th, 2016
I actually was first using Sophie a little online before switching to Jessica which stuck more and felt more like me, however I must confess I did know a Sophie and Jessica at the time (Sophie was semi friend and Jessica just someone (who was very friendly in general) in my philosophy class).
I was going to go a totally different surname but went to the other side of my family one (my old surname was awful and extremely uncommon), this it was best I kept a family name which is also pretty common anyway. I did take a middle name based on what I was likely to be called if I was born a girl (Jessica was too set then).
I sometimes consider other names but legally Jessica and it is just a whim, I think whatever my name is after awhile it is going to feel stale so I wouldn't change it again.

Anyway can't wait to see the bonus chapter (I plan to get volume 4 asap).
Also nice to see updates, I get a little worried when it has been awhile without any announcements because I enjoy your work (even if it is just a minor announcement not even related to rain is good to see).
Hope the depression goes away, as someone with more than enough experience with depression I can understand the problems it can cause. If lack of posting Rain is causing it maybe it would be an idea to consider a once or twice a week posting of Rain (or even just doodles related to Rain) to ease into it and hopefully improve your mood without taking too much time / focus from volume 4.
However divided focus can also be problematic so likely best to just ignore my ramblings.
Hope I haven't shoved my foot in my mouth too much with this and glad to hear your recovery is still great.
Is it me or does Ana look very mature in this update? (in a positive way)
@Anna Rei: I agree, that manga is very very good :p
I am not intersexed but really enjoyed the manga (and learnt a bit about intersexed too)
Gotten use to short hair Rain but now I really miss longer hair Rain :(
My thoughts are bonus chapter spoilers >.<
@Microrapter: Would that work? Sounds like what you would do when trying to get the last of something out of a container rather than a fixing method.
Maybe ctrl + alt + delete?