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Gorgeous, again. Amazingly gorgeous. The way this comic will leap into different color palettes and styles for a page or two (or even a panel) is one of my favorite things about it. It would keep me coming back to see what was next even if the story didn't.

But the story TOTALLY DOES. I want to know more about the tree, I want to know how RGB, monster of monsters, knows about the tree, I want to know more about dear, darling Assok! Whatever **** is, I want to know how they're going to make it into armor for Hero.

There's nothing about this comic I don't love.
That idea-dog is really growing on me. I love it's concept, it's design. I want to play with it, but I'm also kind of afraid. Nice job. I especially love the second to last panel where it licks, only licks, the snail.
LOVE getting to see earlier characters show up again like this.
Speaking of the tree's amazing colors and textures, here it is being just as exceedingly gorgeous as before, but in a completely different way! This time it's truly evocative of chaos while the previous page had a slow, sleepily calm aura to it.
The tree is so gorgeous on this page. I'm speechless. No, I'm not; I'm stunned by the texture and the blends of color of it. So beautiful.
The balance between gentle humor, desperate sadness and worry, and the lonesome atmosphere of the dead thought-tree is amazing in this page.
Ideas Personified
Ideas are so often shown as always being these great things, so getting to see a dangerous, literally carnivorous interpretation of ideas is refreshing and, like everything else in this comic, is right on the nose even while defying convention.
I love the sudden lack of color being replaced with a sudden infusion of it! And the way RGB's suit changes with it and the drastic movement matching with it is great!
Comes Around
A lot of things seem to be coming back around in this chapter, like RGB's fear of water and Hero's want of physical contact, and I like the sort of pay-off that we're getting from that. The intersection of the two, as well as the fulfillment of one leading to issues with the other (if that's what I'm actually seeing in the last panel), is very satisfying.
I really liked getting to see from RGB's point-of-view on this page, and also from Madras's in #45. With each there are very clear indications from whom we're seeing through the eyes of, and we so rarely see Hero straight-on, but this is a nice, organic way to give is that perspective.
I hate to say this, but the backgrounds are often the part of this comic that I'm most indifferent to (sorry!). But this cemetery is gorgeous. The shadows, the red lights (flames?), the mist and the way it carries the light throughout, and the contrast with Hero's and RGB's respective outfits and styles, it's all gorgeous and so well-done.
Hero's Intuition
Hero's ability to intuit how the world she's been thrust into works is so charming. It's something of an explanation (if only partial) for why she was chosen to be the "hero" instead of someone else, and also how she's managed to survive for so long when others haven't. Seeing her use her intelligence and this sixth sense, if you will, to muddle out RGB's feelings when it's often difficult to see how he's feeling is really insightful to her character.
Creepy Factor
The creepy factor that weaves in and out of this story is another element that makes this comic so beautifully interesting. The juxtaposition with the often whimsical atmosphere, the snappy banter, and the occasional serious panel make it a delight to wait and see what comes next.
I love how the books are being used to build a bridge, just adore it! All of the symbolism and double-meanings (all of the puns) are what make this comic really excellent.
The curl of Hero's toes in the last panel is just amazing. It's such a small but great continuation of the fetal position, and combined with the trembling it really serves to communicate what Hero is feeling. That it's such a tiny thing makes it all the more wonderful for its inclusion.