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Most epic first impression ever.. xD

Just found the comic, and it seems amazing and its so much fun I'll be stalking from now on ;D
Somehow, I have a feeling he's not too pleased.. xD

But god, this page made me giggle in the middle of class, her expression is just priceless!
Summer's almost over? Where do you live? xD

Here summer is bearly starting. But yeah, it's really hot, if it wasnt for the icy winds we still have, I'd die going outside!

Really adorable filler btw <3
It looks exactly like her! Sure, maybe as a few years younger, but, that just makes it all even better xD Her clothes matches, her expression really suits her, and the hair color/style is more or less right too :D

And that kitten must be the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

Thank you so freaking much for this <3!
Rofl, just found your comic, fav'd it when I was done reading.

And voila!

Anyhow, I really like this comic! It's heartbreaking, but has funny moments, my two favourite things in one!
The art isn't half bad either ;)
Can't wait to see more of this! :D
omfg.. I LOVE her outfit, she's damn pretty, just love the way you drew her there!

Amazing ;_; I gotta sit and stare at this page for awhile!
Ugh, I thought for a slight moment he just meant to be together and relaxing, like he cared and wanted to watch over her when she was sick xD But noooo.. What an ass.. x(
July 10th, 2009
Gotta say you got me hooked on this xD
I really love her brother too, that sad face was priceless! Cant wait to see more from you :)
March 4th, 2009
Hm, just very very curious, still reading so answer migth come, but.. how come the nurse/her best friend didnt seem surprised when she woke up? I mean they just walked in and acted all normal, maybe I missed something.. ahwell, great comic, keep it coming, you got yourself another way x) btw, love how your style keeps improving, its great!
Owned, just owned, even I haven't been pew'd that much by someone ever irl. And OMG I love the fact he created this whole scene making everyone think he had hots for her, and then just saying that out of nowhere xD her reaction is priceless too. Seriously, I laugh with every page I read, keep them coming! pretty please x)
December 6th, 2008
Ohh, and update!
I read your comic like ages ago, and now I finally found it again, with loads of new pages to read ^^
Ive always adoredyour story, and especially the main characters personality, and god.. your "god" is hilarious, almost makes me sad I havent really believed in him ;(
December 6th, 2008
I read the old version of bullet, I never commentee tho (feel pretty bad about it, sinc eits such a great story ;_;)

I really like your toning and use of lines generally youre great at expression different feelings.

Just feel a bit stupid for asking (I probably only ask cause Im so dizzy from tiredness but wth!) but I cant really seem to see whats happening in the last panel? Is she.. hm.. jumping over the wall, and.. then she sees him? :x
Oh and.. god your art has improved soo much =_=
Hi there! I just read your comic, and it seems kinda interesting so far.
I must admit the "bad" quality of the pages turns me a bit off (talking about white spots where you didnt get to color, and the text is slightly hrd on the eyes too) And some other small things, like it looks blurry here and there. But Ill just assume you use a shit program that doesn tknow the art of saving xDD
Else i like your style, you actually manage to keep old people old. And you catch the "ugly" part of the guy very well! The only error I found so far, is on the first pages, I unno if its anything.. but did she suddenly wear a hat? :x

Anyways, faved and Ill look forward to updates <3
I really like your style, it looks so professional ;p