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I usually write novels and things of that sort but my friend I.S.P. is a comic artist here and persuaded me to join.

But here's the other basic stuff....(that just have to be on a page...)
Likes: anime/manga, BL, Garth Nix/Cassandra Clare/Holly Black novels, and tuff on the outside boys like Zolo.

Dislikes: School projects (of any sort), rl drama, and when my computer has to be fixed 0-0
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But was it Khan that save him or Atty?
Totally made my Good Friday! Nothing like reading BL before going to church!!! Hur hur hur hur >.<

lol, old GW fan here. herherher
Dude, I thought the same exact thing when I saw this guy at my college...=3=
surprise updates are fun! :D
OMG that's me and by BFF!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!
It's got chicken legsssssssss....
Omg sorry bad Invader Zim refernce.
OMG people popping out of corners!!!
Duh, Dhun, dhun!!!! Somethin' gonna happen!!! Can't wait to see
Guest (Guest) how rude! You may have no idea what the artist may be going through! If BBH feels that a break is needed then she should take it. I am sure that if the hiatus does not help she will inform us that the comic will no longer be updated.
My best friend took a few months(?) hiatus on her comic Spina Cage then decided that she should redo the opening pages and has been steadly working on it since. Sometimes an artist just hits a block and cannot go on no matter how much they are told how good they are or yelled at. We need to accept that what BBH does is her decision and hers alone and she should do what she believes is best for her and the comic.

BTW, BBH I love Rebel Prince. Its cute, cuddly, and interesting. Do what you do, no matter how you do it! (As long as its not illegal)
Oh No's! Who is at the door? :DDDDDDD
Yummmy tummy!!! *drool*
O My God he looks exactly like this guy I knew. Let's call him Rob after the emo guy I knew!!