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Making stories is what i do. Iv'e been drawing scince i was 1 and a continue to do so with a passion. I like to game, draw, and hang out with my friends
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September 20th, 2007
Well updates will be slow from now on. I'm remaking Path Walkers and posting a colored version of this with some kinks worked out.
Yeah, there's nothing I can really suggest that hasn't been said already.

Just keep working at it and it should become second nature.
Ahh, it's nice to see a new face. And I also noticed that Helen has the same eyes as Lone. Is that just coincedence or are they related or something?
Jeez, that sucks. Not the picture(It's very good)I mean the accident.
This page looks awesome, but if only General Splitter had some sharp teeth.
September 11th, 2007
My new layout will make sense later on.
I'm not a teenaged girl :(
LOL! Very funny. Also, congrates on your one year anniversary!
September 5th, 2007
Like my comic page layout? It turns out that myspace layouts work the same for smackjeeves, go figure. :3
I thought Sypher looked similar from the last page :P
August 31st, 2007
Your art is freakin awesome! Keep it up!
i'm stuck with GIMP for now, but soon i'm gonna get photoshop along with a tablet^-^
i was just wondering, what paint program do you guys use?
August 31st, 2007
I'M BACK! It's been a little over a week and i'm soo glad I got my Internet back
hmmmm... :I
nice drawings
August 14th, 2007
ah Cosmo(the cat-thing) takes me back. I created him in the 6th grade. I made about 50 comics of him back then. They were supposed to be funny but they turned out pretty lame.
I just got done reading every page so far and i have to say i'm surprised you don't get as much fans as you should. Each page has so much detail in it along with a great and stable story line.

I can't wait to see the restXD
he seems proud of the fact that he is a coward
Kratos reminds me of Lone