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I'm a French guy.
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I wouldn't be surprised to find Geppetto inside of that fishy.
@Dark: Makes sense. I don't think an Otyug eats gold tho, but if there were a brownie in it...
Lemme guess. Jeremy's in the bag instead of all that sweet loot.
Get off my dungeon!
How dare you fighting back against the monster I have sent to destroy you!
All I can think of is Claptrap.
"Stairs? Noooooo!"
Now, the question is.

If she heals so fast how the hell could you have time to study anything? Or does she only heal if you boop the thing? And even then, if you choose to heal her, you'll have to restart vivisection from scratch.
@SlothfulCobra: No worries, they've be rewritten with waterproof ink.
RIP sentient boat, you will be missed.
Hey, it's poison dude.
Prepare to dive!
I love the bistro's name.
@tronn: Because it's the race she was playing for this game.
Pretty sure Ash and her friend went out and bought a game just to get this card and ruin Rosaline's day x)

Also, does that mean Willa won?
"We all want this game to end so we can go to sleep, so you better give us your secret so we can help you and get this over with asap! Or else..."
So to get a hat, you need a license.
But to get a license, you need a hat.

Sounds about right.
Not sure if Svana can keep up with them.
What the hell is Shovel Knight doing here? O_o
Maybe Hobi should just start the game as refugees. That'd save a corruption beam to the Augers of Entropy...