currently obssessed with fighting games, will return to arting one day
this is where i'd post stuff about sm4sh if i was relevant lol
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@Punchy: but he didn't have a sword
which is probably less original but uhhhhh

also i guess balance is out of the question because this is just a comic death battle anyways
someone needs to be substantially stronger to win :/
@TimeSceo: it's been a year and my memory's trash lmao
@cccviper653: depending on which website that is, it could be a bit ironic...
couldn't half of you think of powers more interesting and balanced than "can go super saiyan"
If there's one thing I've learned through all my time playing Smash competitively, it's that no matter how skilled you are, there's always a place for you. Drawing isn't any different! We all had to get to where we are from the bottom, and if we had to get in based on our skill, none of us would be here.

You've been gone long enough, and we're ready to welcome you back with open arms :3
@Djoing: this comic has evolved from "sonic has silly adventures" into "sonic making jokes about how slow this game actually is every two zones and also extensively poking fun at eggman's terrible robot design"

truly a meta comic
@WildfireK: actually the more accurate version of the pythagorean theorem is

a^2 + b^2 = c^2 - 2*a*b*cosC

it works for all angles, not just 90 degrees.
cosine of 90 is zero, so that's why the last term on the right doesn't usually show up in your version.

This equation is also known as the law of cosines. i cool now
@M.W: i mean
they're probably not kidding him, because that's clearly the tactically correct move in this scenario
which you'd think an army that's this big would make

also lief is kind of a gary stu at this point so we know he's gonna survive lmao
y'all missed the golden oppurtunity for the

smh kappa
@WildfireK: infrared is not part of the visible spectrum of light that humans can perceive, so i must conclude that this shade is in fact red
@WildfireK: badum


Back on the beat, baby.
@WildfireK: to be fair it'd been there long enough
this dump is basically rip
lol i moved this chapter down to the bottom so now this goes on the latest 8 on the profile :)

...please look at my art :')
i abused the system and everything to get you here man
this is a thing i drew because i wanted to art


ヽ(._.) ノ
ALSO I will probably change the way i draw pika's legs to more easily accomodate walking on two legs because honestly those legs look pretty bad for supporting any sort of movement in combat
@bluefiredragon: important comment so i don't lose these

skin - H(60), S(65), V(100)
NOTE: S in this picture is 80, but i changed it to 65 because i like the shade better
iris - H(202), S(60), V(100)
outside eye - H(180), S(40), V(100)
markings - H(0), S(0), V(15)
NOTE:V in this pic is 10, but i changed it to 15 bc i like it better
cheek - H(358), S(88), V(65)

as for preferred shading,
I like incrementing
V by -5s for skin
S by -4's for outside eye(going up the eye)
V by -4's for cheek(going inwards)
obviously you don't need to pay attention to these if you don't wanna shade like me :/

i know this comic is dead but i gotta keep this info safe just in case, and it's nice for other people too
if any of you lazy bums want me to convert these to RGB well
1. You're lazy, piss off
2. maybe if you ask really nicely i'll actually do it