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currently obssessed with fighting games, will return to arting one day
this is where i'd post stuff about sm4sh if i was relevant lol
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@WildfireK: he protecc
he attacc
but most importantly
he in a stacc
@NeonUmbreon: i like you already
not in that kind of way don't get the wrong idea
@Tehpikachu: i mean he might have to depending on whether or not they're the hero of the prophecy

i mean c'mon link enters homes, breaks pots, and takes people's money, but he saves everyone's sorry butt in the end
the first panel's text immediately got replaced with "what am i fighting forrrrrrrr" in my head
if you think about the line "peace and love is just war and hate in disguise" is incredibly orwellian
@EeveeEon: And He said "Let there be light"
*A N G E R Y
geez, spell it right nerds
@espeon8812: T R U L Y
clearly the only four viable genders are
and sheik
@M.W: ok but why was he standing at a range where he could immediately get slapped once they slid the shower curtain

that's not the tactically correct move
@Punchy: but he didn't have a sword
which is probably less original but uhhhhh

also i guess balance is out of the question because this is just a comic death battle anyways
someone needs to be substantially stronger to win :/
@TimeSceo: it's been a year and my memory's trash lmao
@cccviper653: depending on which website that is, it could be a bit ironic...
couldn't half of you think of powers more interesting and balanced than "can go super saiyan"
@Djoing: this comic has evolved from "sonic has silly adventures" into "sonic making jokes about how slow this game actually is every two zones and also extensively poking fun at eggman's terrible robot design"

truly a meta comic