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Hi! I'm Brianna, Bri for short. My dream is to be a Game Designer! I draw a lot and have my sketch book with me wherever I go. I'm 14. My birthday is August 27th, so let's celebrate! (If you wanna come idk what you wanna do ) FTW! I'm really nice and shy. So if I don't talk to you much its because I'm either busy or I'm just WAY too shy! I hope we can get along! Treat people the way you want to be treated!
~Bri is away~
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Lol. Abort mission! ABORT! I love these comics!

-Le poof-

;-; I think I'm the only one who literally camps around the description reading the description 24/7
And if its fine,could you put Soul in the background for the background eevee's?
If not, that's okay!
Welp, time to camp around adrive's twitch! Again... :| I need to stop camping..
*Bad ass Oliver intensifies*
Sorry had to put that out there :3
Lol combo lol fell off couch reading this! Lol
Ahem. One thing and one thing only

I have rest my case.
Happy Easter
R.I.P Dusk feelings/heart
@Dibowac12341473013777778: that is true.. and me being nosy(?) Went and looked at previous comics... Sora has pinkish purplish eyes now blue with a scar.. can that mean something? Or pinkeevee222 just wanted to change the design?
@Darkstripe AF: it's so true! :')

We need more plot! Maybe I can crack this case by looking at every single detail!
This is really interesting and I remeber an Espeon in one of the comics with the same scar... Could it have been her because she can evolve so many times or is that where they are expirmented at and stiched back in place and she or he is a lab project as well?.... is it the same Eevee or diffrent eevee? So many questions...
Bow has been here before?
As I'm looking back in old comics I see Bow on comic 19/17 whichever you say wanting some pizza...
I wonder... Is this what eevee's do in the meantime... Or a different time line? Hmmmmm??????
R.I.P Clef.... He was a good Eevee. Thank you, thank you...
That derp face doe! XD lol
Eve and Oliver were my 1st and second favorite characters and now Oliver is sooooo awesome!!! Dead first Oliver! Eve is awesome to... but I feel bad for her... she got beat up...
Power puff girls was my favorite show but we don't have the channel... and there is a stalker in da bushes. :3
Lawlz. Do u like waffels? Yes I like waffels, Do u like pancakes, yes I like pancakes, do you like toast?? Wait for it.
@THIS IS SPICE: spice I knows how you feel I was on a vacation for 2 months a ND I was like does any one remember me and peeps were like. ... and I was like *sob*