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Likes: Sleeping, Drawing, Sleeping, Chatting with H0ly, More Sleeping, Making up stories and Sleep.
Dislikes: Late minute plans, succumbing to laziness, Snails.

If you are a snail. Chances are, I hate you.

Current projects
Cold Coffee version 1: OLD, NO LONGER UPDATING
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i think you meant Epilogue xD.
this page is so realistic that it has city construction. i feel it.
Whatttttt. Wait so he's in her head or...?
Projecting or D8.
How do you run outta pancakes D8.
Oh claude u worked a whole year just for cursed roses 8\. and russell's face.
16 FInished comics, 20 sketched pages in 19 hours...
Passed out for five hours.

Oww my hand But one day I'll finally finish this!
October 19th, 2012
FFFF- You finished a comic ;w; Lucky! Cheers for finishing! and filling me with desire to ship two awkward young'uns...
Give it up george, its gonna evolve. God forbid she'd ever get a totodile lol
Here's the linkk:

Okayy so this may need some explaining:

My life right now is really in the crap. But that's hardly an excuse. Along with huge post graduation stress and moving to a less convenient scanner-paper-supplies location, on top of juggling a day job: This comic was pushed way way aside. On the other hand, This does not mean i forgot about it. For months I really was aching to get back into it and now i finally have.

But to have the consistency i desired and the skill level up to par, i had to reboot the project. Most of the pages have been practically unchanged for the exception of a few added panels and scenes, but its generally the same.

I hope you all bear with me with this whole catch up thing: You honestly dont have to follow it if you dont like. Ill be sure to announce all new content for everyone when i reach it.
As of now i have the first sixty pages done and trying my best to get back to where version 1 left off and go beyond it!

So here's the important stuff you need to know:
1. During this catch up period I'll be updating my comic in page batches. usually of 2 or 3 pages.

2. I draw the comics a chapter at a time, so i'm sorry if it comes off irradic at first. Eventually i'll be sure it evens out to regular singular page updates.

3.This version will still be available to read. I worked my ass off on it and even if its not perfect I'm still proud of what it is and how much my work changed since then. So this won't be going anywhere.

Anyway, The comic updates THURSDAYS and SUNDAYS. because i hate these two days the most. ehehe. Oh goody! tomorrow is thursday!
Onyx just gained like 3 levels didnt he?
Blue- no red!
Sandslash is so desu. My god, and they say Pikachu is the cutest??
What the- Maybe it was for a gang member?
I'd pick up the phone and be all "Wrong number!"
what female HASNT gone around commando?
But then again... which female ever announces it in public with their child. hrmm....
That's so sad ;_____;. Poor Thing....
Ahh I really love this comicc. *spotlights it* its so simple and adorable! And I love how mischievous Thing is!
The pictures on her wall... whoa.
Noooo Someone raise his accuracyyyy!! ;w;
*raises his agility statttt but realizes... he's pretty muscle heavy*

*raise his defenseeeee*
I'm rooting for you, Sid baby!! <3You go punch Raz in the face!
God your panneling is such an inspiration Vapidity. I love the playfulness of it. and the colors homfgg.