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a rush to judgment or wishing not to offend. I know the feeling. there is always that old saying "never judge a book by its cover" that goes in my mind.
have a feeling he met otto when he was a kid and otto did not see or realize it, or perhaps...
@Ryker Malone: what can you drink as a Mormon, I am from a different faith
September 26th, 2018
despite being a hardass at times she is still a mom
so true
I like the way she is just standing there looking at her dance and sing. to see that side of here rather then the tough trainer side
no matter where you go in this world there is music. where there is music, I will dance to it, with or without people watching me.
that was funny loved her look in the bottom two pictures
it can also be a matter of being of a different faith. I have family and friends that are from several different religions. I do not feel it is best to get in a religious smackdown with anyone. we are all different that is all there is to it.
we are people who love a good story and art
he already has a girlfriend any way I think too
maybe you did not get the memo that the dragons sent
@Jeny-jen94: I prefer story over smut anyway
even with a 25 hour day we still can never get things done
never good what that happens
is he going to shoot
think you tried to hard with that onw
love can come when you least expect it too
@Jeny-jen94: given her history