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we are people who love a good story and art
he already has a girlfriend any way I think too
maybe you did not get the memo that the dragons sent
@Jeny-jen94: I prefer story over smut anyway
even with a 25 hour day we still can never get things done
never good what that happens
is he going to shoot
think you tried to hard with that onw
love can come when you least expect it too
@Jeny-jen94: given her history
and now you have better friends
seams very reasonable
real world time
for those who know someone
as a man of faith, and the son of a mother that had cancer, who is in heaven too. I can know how you feel.
I could agree with him on that. nowadays hw would be going to jail
good luck to wherever life leads you
suddenly being modest after all this time
having fun in the mud
good ending all around love the evil look of mr. cubist. and as much as you hate it remember that oath emt