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I could agree with him on that. nowadays hw would be going to jail
good luck to wherever life leads you
suddenly being modest after all this time
having fun in the mud
good ending all around love the evil look of mr. cubist. and as much as you hate it remember that oath emt
wonder how many others are going to take a wack at the moron
you back that is all that matters
what do you think this is bill and teds bogus journeys
rabbet stew anyone
this ought to be fun
the 2 in the background look interested in what's going on
we are not throwing tradition totally out the window here
Even if Jupiter gave it to Otto for the wrong reasons, it still does not justify Tom's actions. To me this it nothing but Tom and some bad cops trying to get what that do not deserve
family working together can turn out good or bad
tow it to a scrap yard
part of me wants to say its not you it was the crazy way he was brought up
@makogun2000: and I have read several of them what I am talking about is how many last 10 years
doing 1704 you are probably one of the longest running comic on the web
March 4th, 2016
looks like you have a disciple now
February 29th, 2016
looks like they are going public