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Writer/Artist with a thousand stories in her head; happy to share one of them with you!
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    Jirina Linnea
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@snapdragon12: Haha good point. Definitely harder to hide wings!
@snapdragon12: That would be good – if he found a way to hide his tail XP
@DeathDragon: I'd like to think so too ^_^
@Rose: Haha you and me both. Hopefully one day it will move to two times a week!
@Aiyse: Not many could pull it off ;)
@DeathDragon: ^_^
@DeathDragon: Someone needs a couple hugs! lol
@DeathDragon: ...Which is going to be very difficult to do all of a sudden!
@SareSai: Thanks so much!! I'm really happy you're enjoying it so far! Hope it doesn't disappoint in the future. :)
@SareSai: haha yes, Bran has good taste in movies! I'm glad you like him!
@LouLouBaBa: Yup! He's back - and ready to leave! XD
And so ends Chapter Three!
@LouLouBaBa: Thanks so much! :)
You'll find out at the end of the chapter O_O
@DeathDragon: haha Glad you like it! I wish I could post more than once a week...maybe someday :(
And so begins Chapter 3!
And so ends Chapter Two!
Translation of "ahn erethys" intentionally left out.
@Almighty King: Oh man...I wish I could post an entire episode or chapter a week, but unfortunately my buffer isn't large enough :( Maybe one day!

"Dar kahna" = "this girl."

"Ahn Nol" = "My Lord"

"shiorsa" = "years"

"Thul shen" = "stupid dog"

"Seh net doriah ahn byros" does not translate well literally, but basically means "I trusted you; do not disappoint me."