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Great update, I'm so happy! :D I'm glad Joa's feeling better. I love the phone throw Dylan did, because that was so adorable and awesome. And I love how Joa looks in the last panel (I especially like that we got to see a little fang there). I also like the curve of Dylan's lower back in that panel, as well. Oh boy is right! :D
Omg, these two are so cute, I can't! :D Also, I love that he's wearing one of Joa's t-shirts. And Joa's pose in the last panel is perfect! :D
Well. Since this was apparently last updated in 2013 and it is now 2015, I know I should be safe in assuming this is an (unfortunately) dead comic. Is this true? Have you completely abandoned this one? Just thought I'd ask to be sure. I know others have asked and it seems like there's been no answer, but...I thought I would anyway.

I really like this comic and I'm already hooked on the unfolding plot and most especially Crow and Harvey. It would be really great if you were able to continue this, or at least give an update on whether or not you plan to. I'll keep it in my favorites and check back every now and then to see.
Omg, you're killing me! :p But, I'm sure we all understand that moving is a big undertaking and requires time and attention away from other things, like this comic. I hope that you have a safe move and nothing gets lost or forgotten! :)
This is so cute! :D I'm still a little worried about what Joa wants to talk to Dylan about, though. Also, I wonder if Dylan told his mother about them like he told Joa that he would. And how that went if he did. Or, if he didn't, I'm so concerned about Joa's reaction when he finds out. *bites nails* I am so hooked on this webcomic!
@Derigrowl_: I...I just want to say that I really like your He-Man icon!
I just discovered Transfusions a couple days ago and just couldn't stop reading it! It's so adorable and sweet and awesome and I just...I keep fangirling to people over it! It's perfect and cute and omg! :D Thank you for creating this and sharing it with everyone!