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Love creating and promoting music, making 3D graphics, and writing fan fiction manga and original.
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Happy 4th!! UL will return this Saturday!!
June 22nd, 2019
@M-24: lmao I agree
Since Ren & Sai is being dragged into TIMH they decided to strike a pose!!
Sai the better half of Ren. Only Ren knows what he is thinking most of the time if not all, but Sai is developing powers he isn't aware of yet thanks to Kei. UL will return July 6th!! Thanks for all your support.
Shibuya underwear says it all!!! TIMH will return June 22nd Thanks for letting me level up my energy.
@charlie059977: omg Thank you so much. You just made my day.
Sai's Legs
You want Ren to act right doing a photo shoot, just let him see Sai's legs...wait that might backfire and he will leave the shoot. Oh well. New page coming soon. Exams are over just enjoying some downtime. Thanks for all your support.
Quinten looks like his Twin when they are both angry. Can't deny they have the same glare.
Hello Team UL and TIMH. Both webcomics will be on hold due to the evil Exam period. Ren, of course, is upset as you see. Then I need a vacation. Both will be on hold a few weeks but I will post artwork of the babes till then. Thanks for all your support.
Nudity alert!!
Because of the sexual theme
January 26th, 2019
The plot thickens. Wait till he sees his baby!!
January 25th, 2019
@Kimmikala: I feel triggered!! I am short lmfao
Happy New Year
Thank you, team UL for an amazing year!! Look forward to more drama, fantasy and of course NSFW!!! Don't forget to check out Thunder In My Heart
Happy Holidays!! Thunder will be back Jan 19th!!
Hope you enjoy your Holidays!! UL will return Jan 19th.
There will be several pages of Sai's past.
The Kidnapped Saga is at an end and here is the video!! Enjoy!! Thanks for all your support!!
July 22nd, 2018
Laying next to all that hotness is getting to a certain shorty.
I hope you don't give up on and I am sorry it is making you feel bad. I love your comic. It's sad and precious at the same time. We go through something so keep fighting!!